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"Insight" Mars will touch "smooth" on the ground – New Technologies


2018-11-26 02:21:08 Source: Technology day

Science and Technology newspaper, Beijing, November 25 (Reporter Fang Linlin) According to NASA website, the Marsen probe "InSight" Marsen's surface will accelerate on November 26 in the US. . Engineers monitor the health and tracking of Insights data and monitor Mars's weather report to determine the final adjustments being made to land.

InSight is an abbreviation of "internal exploration using seismic survey, geodesy and heat transfer". The first task launched by "Insight" was launched and it was released on May 5 this year. Before landing, Martian enters the atmosphere at an altitude of 19,800 kilometers and a speed of 8 km at the speed of the legs on the surface of Mars, depending on the speed of human jogging. Fast acceleration needs less than 7 minutes.

Robo Grevor, the head of the fall and landing mission, said: "We can not manipulate landing and have to be considered as the basis of pre-programmed orders. It has spent years examining plans and learning about another Mars region. We will continue with the vigilante" Insight & # 39; until landing into the Elysium Planitia area. "

NASA's Marco system engineer Anna Marinane has said that two of the satellite systems have been tested to test live communication streams and are currently preparing the next test. If everything is fine, MarC can take a few seconds to receive and process data and then move it to the speed of light. This means that the NASA team explains what the land has said about the fall and landing.

When it is known that the detector is safely maintained, it must be confirmed that this milestone and "vision" have been successfully deployed. If everything goes well, the NASA team will incorporate a three-month process to expand the scientific tools.

Laurie Gretz, CEO of Planetary Science Department, at the NASA headquarters, said she was pursuing a post-landing mission. "Vision" when set in Red Planet will start collecting useful information on Mars's national structure. To know the formation and development of rocky earths that include land.

The previous mission was not to bury Mars, and now scientists do not wait to explore the heart of Mars.

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Martian atmosphere, Mars surface topography, Mars liquid water, scientists have made significant achievements in the study of this planet. "Engraving" collects valuable information on its internal structure after Mars's landing, scientists will investigate Mars and study cognitive patterns around the world. I have experience that "Insight" can send a distant spot from a distant point of land, like the "Kuriosoa" detective.

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