Thursday , January 21 2021

iPhone 11 or two-way wireless charging feature equipped with fast charging with a 18-watt headset | Apple | iPhone 11 | wireless charging _ mobile phone _ Sina technology _ Sina

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Sina mobile phone news on March 24 morning news, Japanese news Apple blog reported by Macotak on iPhone 11 (now I do not know what to call, call iPhone 11) in both directions will be the wireless charging function, wirelessly charging other devices.

iPhone 11 will have dual wireless chargingiPhone 11 will have dual wireless charging

Macotak often denounces the development of Appler's hardware development, and the news is very reliable. The latest news show that Apple's next-generation iPhone is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10 PowerShare features, wireless charging for other devices. According to Chinese suppliers, Apple Watch may charge this way in the future.

Earlier, Apple's renowned analyst Guo Minghao announced in 2019 that Apple will launch iPhone for two-way wireless charging. This statement matches the current Macotakara.

In addition, Macotakara has speculated on the new AirPod wireless charging box, which is possibly a compatible iPhone charging wireless 11. It is possible to think of iPhone's Apple Watch and AirPods without charging data.

IPhone or a new 18-watt USB-C carIPhone or a new 18-watt USB-C car

The site also stated that the iPhone 11 will be combined with a new data cable, but the loading interface is not USB-C. Instead, the end of the charging head is a USB-C plug and Apple will charge the USC-C 18-car charger to quickly upload the Lightning USB-C data line.

Currently, Apple iPhones are sold with USB-A data cable and 5W USB-A charging head. If you want to quickly load 18W, you must buy the charging head and the data cable separately. This, too, has many users not enough to hear from many users.

Guo Minghao's prediction is that we are confident that next-generation iPhone has two-way wireless charging capabilities. Rumors of new data and chargers are not yet required. In the end, Macotakara announced that the new iPhone will be an old 5 watt charger. news.

In any case, it seems that the new iPhone is maintained by the Lightning interface maintained since the 5th of 2012. At this moment Apple will not abandon this design. Last week they kept the iPad mini and iPad Air Lightning interface.

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