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Is the moon empty? This is not trusted – Technology Day –


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The moon, the brightest night's star. As the closest neighbor to Earth, the moon is usually a visitor to literary works, as myths also circulate in mythology.

Since ancient times, humans have been curious about the moon and do not let the moon explore. If there is nothing on the moon landing in Apolo or on the moon, there is no doubt that our moon's understanding has increased. However, nowadays, the understanding of the moon is still very limited. For example, what is it in the moon? What is the main structure of the moon?

For that, it has been a broad view. The moon is empty

Does Apollo intend to fill the gap?

The so-called lunar cloud is a hypothesis that the moon is a planet. This hypothesis was proposed by Soviet asthrophicists Mikhail Vasily and Alexander Shelbakov. They wrote in Pravda: "The moon may be a foreigner product, 1.5 million years ago, the moon has been a spatial space station, the moon is pure and inside is a very advanced civilization, the world."

Initially, this argument did not prove acceptance or even spread concerns. However, the Moon-like rock and moon-shock experiment led the Apolo mission to change the moon. Since then, the mere lunar has said it seems to be a strong proof, but also a group of fans.

Among the witnesses of the lunar spot, the most famous is "Apollo Moonshock Experiment". In 1969, the lunar module "Apollo 12", when the orbit / command / service booth returned to the orbit, moved to the earthquake again to evaporate to the surface of the lunar surface and to the lunar lunar surface of the earthquake created by the lunar surface. It's a sign Surprisingly, the vibration lasted for 55 minutes. When a large clock is considered as a hammer, the vibration lasts for a long time and slowly disappears. Seismic observations in the Earth are very different.

In normal situations, when a person plays hard iron iron, it will vibrate squeaking and continue, and when pressing a solid iron ball, only a short vibration can be heard. This constant vibration phenomenon imagines that the moon is empty.

There is another evidence that fans of pure theory repeatedly point out that the density of the lunar basalt that the Earth's satellite is due to Apollo mission is slightly higher than Earth's rock. The density of many basalt samples based on Apollo mission is 3.3 and 3.5 grams cubic centimeters, and the density of the crust is less than 3.0 grams of cubic centimeter. However, the overall density of the moon is much lower than the Earth, only 60% of the Earth. That's why people think that the moon is empty.

The so-called evidence only reflects the monthly property

As Moon Hollow says, there are many fans in the public and some scientists have been helped, the scientific community of sciences does not agree with this approach. Most scientists believe that the lunar gap has no scientific basis.

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