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ISA World Paddle Board Surfing in Hainan, more than 400 athletes looking for wind and waves


Wanning, China, November 23 (Lin) 20th Wanning International Surfing Competition opened in Wanning, Hainan, 23rd. Among them, the 10-day International Surfing Association (ISA) started the World Paddle Board Surfing Championship the same day. More than 400 athletes from 40 countries and districts will receive the wind, including 20 Chinese players.

The ISA World Paddle Board Surfing Championship is a high-definition paddleboard surfing tournament. According to this system, men and women are divided into 12 groups. After resurrection and half-finals, the final will be in the final competition. The competition strictly demanded players of the Rules of the Olympic Games and the surfing competition regulated the International Doping Regulation.

The ISA World Paddle Board Surfing Championships began in Hainan. Lin Biao

The ISA World Paddle Board Surfing Championships began in Hainan. Lin Biao

Robert, the CEO of the ISA International Surfing Association, said that Wanning Riyuwen is one of the best Chinese surfers. After years of development, Hainan Wanning has become a new frontier for surfing and the International Surfing Association. Surfers from all over the world compete here to gather friends and show the world's charm and style.

China's youngest player, Jia Jiachen, is a lightweight child of 12-year-old Chinese cyclist. In his opinion, participation in the competition is a very good exercise. "The best Paddle boarding players are exchanged to learn from here, to learn from them and improve my medal and surfing skills."

Zhang Meiwen, secretary of the Wanning Municipal Party Commission, has said that the Wanning Surfing National Team's training base has ended. After finishing the line, the team will train the surfing teams and cross-border talent. There are currently 17 surfing provinces in the country for Wanning Sun Moon Bay training.

The Ninth Wanning International Surf Championship lasts until December 28, 2018. During the event at the ISA World Paddle Board Surfing Championships, the Paddle Board Challenge of the Chinese University will be held in 2018, in 2018 at the Surfing National Championships and 2018 National Games. Junior Surfing Championship & Surfing U Series (Wanning Station) and 2018 Surfing National Championships.

In 2018 at Wanning, Hainan, 9th Wanning International Surfing Contest. Lin Biao

In 2018 at Wanning, Hainan, 9th Wanning International Surfing Contest. Lin Biao

During the event, the 5th International Surf City Development Forum will be held in 2018 and international and international surfing surfers will be invited to make suggestions on the development of tourist destinations and surfing brands. In addition, there will be carnival activities (Wanning Surfing Camp, surfing brand show and calligraphy performance), among others.

International Surfing Association (ISA), National Sports Management, Water Management Management Center, Hainan Province Tourism and Department of Culture and Television, and the Government of Wanning City Council. (End)

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