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It also marks the book: 1.12 next week, the proposed gold operation, how gold can work for a week – set, position, cancellation, price, stop loss – General sources

2019-01-13 02:24:24 Source: Forex Global

A summary of gold trading last week:

This week, in the second week of the year, we had lost a total of 9, totaling 47.7 points, a total standard of $ 4,700, depending on the operation's own risk management, according to a 20-position position for a week. You can get $ 94,000, total income of 658,000 yuan. Spread the spread in the conversation, search "It also marks books: 1.12 gold trade this week brings together 700,000, next week, a million gold operations await you"

It has been in the market for many years, and there is hardly any rest for the rest of the time. Our working hours are from nine to a half, but one day I did not have any customers to work late or stop at night. Because I love this job, because I am doing business as a career, I take care of myself, I am responsible for my clients' trust! The nature of a person determines the way and method of things. In the same market, some people become phoenixes, others are harsh and eventually fail in mere people. Often, do not rush into the market, make sure the market's voice is heard. At nightfall, you think about where you are thinking. It is preventing this investment and not doing these nights. It is also a single person. It is a constant trial, and it is not Jesus, nor arrest. Continuous learning and continuous learning.

1.11 Gold Trading Review: Friday, single and low-performance operations and more than one single currency for collecting $ 10,000

On Friday morning, the price of gold was recovered around 1286 and began to recover. Then, on Friday night, we had a profitable outcome and came backhand backhand market in 1288. Then the price of gold became a stunning trend of the day. The 1293 decade of 1294 in 1294 was around the 1293 decade around the decade, it is also an objective strategy in the article on Thursday. In this way, we have seized only the market in the right way, after which the price of gold has been a tendency, tendency. It is not clear, therefore, that the market did not participate in the market, and the operation of a single crop on Friday was $ 10,000.

Successful operations are not just shorter, but complete a whole set of risk trading plans, in keeping with the planned transaction, the rationality of the commercial plan, each operation is thoughtful, decisive and decisive! Obviously, achievements are inseparable, among other things, for working together and for reasons that work together, and provides confidence to use professionally. Hard work and sweat behind the disgust!

Analyze Gold Trend and Operational Strategy:

From a table of the day, Zhou Hardware prices were short-termed, as they hit the problem of Thursday, but continued to halt the second-highest point in 1294, but gold prices were not strong, Concussion, gold has repeatedly tried 1300 marks. Technically, the MACD is continuing to weaken the red columns of kinetic energy and the fast and slow lines that cross 0 and 5 axes. The indicator of the CDD goes down. However, despite the slowdown in the movement of the MA movement, it is still bullish and the RSI indicator continues. So gold prices increase persistence.

From a 4-hour chart, the gold price rose on Friday, but it would vomit all the profits of the day. The general indicator of the technical aspect is also a tendency to be quite brief. MacD's speed and slack works with a rigid axis, and the green energy column of the kinetic energy goes down. The indicator KDJ and RSI indicators show a brief trend and the K-Line is less than 4 hours. The Bollinger line offers medium-sized support, in the short term, the risk of an expense of gold extinction increases. When it goes down, the price of gold causes lower than 1286 support. The following bottom line distributes over 1278 aircraft.

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