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It's not a star of the traffic, the big production makes the "unknown generation" feel like a sensible audience – Entertainment News

Traffic star, great production, but at the box office "counterattack"

"Nameless Generation"

Ignore viewers

In a three-month screening, "The Nameless Generation", describing small people, was perfectly aware of the "reversible attack" of 9 million yuan of the 400 million Yuan front office bureaus. "Magic animals: the crime of Grindelwald" "Invincible Destruction King" and Yu Wei's "Poison" and other great films are a miracle-box in the same type of film.

Director Rao Xiaozhi, Chen Jianbin, Ren Suzhen, Pan Binlong, star Zhang Yu, not the star of the circulation, major productions, major IPs, under the Hollywood blockbuster "clip attack", but oral word and propaganda marketing support, good ticket sales by Industry insider , the movie is expected to reach a box office of 600 million euros.

Story base

It resonates the story of the little person

The films are divided into three line narratives, a pair of low-profile thieves, a solitary guardian and physically disabled but four "unknown generation" of a wild language, the tyrannical robbery that was lost in the old gun, the guilt of everyone was guilty, and the ridiculous comedy was.

The film focuses on the little people of the city, and divides the outer layers of each character, revealing the reality of small people's life. This group of people is not perfect, but there are blood and flesh.

The film is worthy of an understanding of the emotional group of the inner core and the execution of a small group of people. From the countryside to the city or the difference between parents and children of a single parent, the film represents a real life problem, but the story is dull, there are three very positive perspectives and, finally, a group with their difficulties Men will recover the social dignity and the audience will leave the theater the smallest part of the heart, with humor, laziness and laughter.

Notable were the basic gas history, the intense image of small groups, finally the reality of "unnamed creation" in the heart.

The actress has strength

Ren Suzen is a performance that is "incomprehensible to life".

The film is particularly prominent in the performances, and the most emotional character is Ma Jiaqi, played by Ren Suzhen. In the past due to the defects of his brother, Ma Jiaq was at the highest level and only used the five senses of the world to perceive. The injustice of life is full of painful attitudes, and the words that often are said are much harder. Due to the reputation of "Chunde Water", Ren Suzhen, "I'm an actor," recently did. In fact, the layers of this role have lived and the play has been repeated.

Ma Jiaqi is the "stupid thief" who stole at home. Unlike Ma Jiaqi, he is stealing home, and some reactions are very quiet. It is not only that it can not be squeezed in the neck, it still catches two great men at home, and they ask to kill them. Three people come and go, the conversation is full of black humor, hilarious, but intriguing.

Chen Jianbin proved an ancient bone education. He was in charge of the security officer, who was eager to unravel the smell of a small person who tried to find a social identity. Zhang Yu was also known this year.

In 2016, director Rao Xiaozhi won a reputation for "Hello, Mad", but it was not good at the box office. Although director of the Drama director is the newest film circle, he has had many experiences in the drama industry, and his film, though not so commercial, is a stronger story. "Hello, Madman", compared to "The Nameless Generation" has made a lot of progress in the language of the audience. Not only does it question complex multicultural lines, the logic of the story is clear, but also the drama industry experience. The performance of the show was very good and, finally, the viewers were very exciting.

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