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January 9 in the Sichuan province Longan dynamic market dry – Wholesale prices, fall, fruits and vegetables have risen – Jingu Hi-Tech

09-01-09 18:42:27 Source: Jingu Gaoke

On January 9, 2019, the dry land price in the province of Sichuan is as follows:

The price of dry fruit price produced by the Chengdu Agricultural Products Center is 3 yuan / kg, which is 23.5 yuan / kg of 8.

In the wholesale market, the wholesale price of Western wholesale market in Chengdu was 12.8 yuan / kg and was 3.4 yuan / kg 8.

The wholesale price of the Guiyuan fruit and vegetable trade price was 5.78 yuan / kg, which was 3.57 yuan / kg 8.

The price wholesale price of Guishui County in Linshui County was 12 yuan / kg, compared to the 58 yuan / kg on the 8th.

(Article Source: Jingu Hi-Tech)

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