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Jin Xiaofeng analyst: Gold retirement continues to rise and key oil shifts key oil. – News – Starts the global IC trade here.

Jin Xiaofeng analyst: Gold has pulled back and continues to grow

Yesterday, gold was opened at 1266.7. Following the opening of the market, the price of line 1272 increased. However, the whole Asian market decreased and the price dropped, with the lowest price dropping to 1266.2. From the beginning of the European market, gold was a rising trend. The rise in price above 1270 will increase the price in US level and line 1275 will go through yesterday. After returning to 1270, it will rise once again, with the highest increase of 1278.9 and the final daily load of 1275.4. Yang Xian was generally a good one overall, yesterday, especially in the repairs index and back testing again and once again. When yesterday it was examined, the fractures of 75 were 72 more.

Today's gold was opened at 1274.9 and, after the opening, the price will rise. The highest price will rise to 1278.4. It is currently located at 1277.4. From the daylight line, after the repair of the yesterday's indicators, the current Bollinger Band continues to grow and the K Line is also available. The ground rail is running and does not fit into the Bollinger Band. This means that the space at the top still exists. On the bottom bracket, the average MO5 mobile reaches 1271 line to complete the help point. Standard standard of divorce tendency. In 4 hours, the relationship between the upper and middle bar of the Bollinger Band is changing, but the middle ring of the Bollinger Belt is very strong. Although it is often touched, it has repeatedly been repeated, at the bottom it is strong. The core of the forest belt rises to the 1271 line and is an important gold spot. At that time, the Bollinger Band showed signs that gold could cause temporary kinetic energy and circuit breaches, but the overall tendency is that it is quite powerful, so the idea of ​​returning operations later goes on.

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