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Junjun is a member of the company. Wang Qingsheng _ Dad send a special gift for the game

Original title: Junjun, a member of the business list, a unique gift from Wang Qingsheng

In the game, the king celebrates his birthday, and his son Junjun sends a special gift.

He was Junjun and his father

Sohu Entertainment News November 25th is the 97th birthday of the Hong Kong game regiment, and the son of Yujun was officially celebrated in the list. On November 25, Junjun went to games with Wang Qingsheng through a personal social platform and opened a photo of the inaugural session. This year, in the end, her father gave her the most unique and special gift, the first offer of life. book.

He Yujun showed his father

The 23-year-old El Junjun, a member of a listed company, said: "Today is a special day. I never thought that Dad's birthday and the day of the company's launch day would be magical in the same day. My dream is that it's young and ambitious When I grew up, I felt every moment I arrived, but after a hard day, I finally said that the press conference was over. "

Yujun also said that last year, finally, Dad could give him the most significant gift: "Today is my father's birthday, it's always my motivation to be proud, because you do not want to offer gifts every year, the most worrying thing this year, the most special and most significant gift this year I can give it: first book of life! I mean: father, happy 97th birthday! A son deserves your pride! "Go back to Sohuera and see more

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