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Kobe is angry with the book and is writing the book. Why do you become now? – Untrusted information

Nowadays, the rival of Jeremy Lin has taken pictures of the new Lakers "Mamba Spirit" book and wrote: "Thank you @ KobeBryant for sending this new book!"

Jeremy Lin thanked Kobe for his book

"Mamba Spirit" is the only autobiography of Kobe. He tells and writes in the spiritual ghost himself and Mamba is based on the spirit. Since its release in October of this year, sales have long been known, and the Chinese version is also produced by Tencent Sports, and Tencent Sports Basketball editor Huang Wei is back. Jeremy Lin's handbook was handed over by Kobe.

Then, "Jin Shuhao Kobe" also penetrated the Weibo volcanic search, making the social media subject hot.

Why are Jeremy Lin and Kobe searching hot? I am afraid that the salvation of two people will begin.

Jeremy Lin 38 points against Kobe and Lakers

You know, the final peak of Jeremy Lin's February 11, 2012 is a classic combination of Lakers against Knicks. At that moment, Lin's rigid whirlwind spread. Kobe's opinion on Kobe was asked by a journalist. Kobe dismissed: "I do not know who Jeremy Lin is?"

Jeremy Lin Kobe's attitude is irritated: "I heard it was very angry, so I asked him to be very aggressive. I must shoot." He played 38 minutes in this game and scored 13 out of 23 points. With 7 bets, 4 rebounds and 2 lap, Knicks won Kobe Bryant's Lakers, winning four wins in succession, in the 34th place of Jeremy Lin, Kobe also seemed to rumor.

After playing, good reporters interviewed Kobe, Jeremy Lin was evaluated, Kobe was angry and angry: "It got 20 points, 38 points, what else can I say?"

After playing against Lakers, Jeremy Lin has always tried. In the summer of 2014, the story was turning into a small point of inflection. Lakers signed an agreement with Rockets and signed Jeremy Lin. But I did not expect it, but Jeremy Lin was much harder than going to Los Angeles, and eventually it was in vain.

Jeremy Lin and Kobe later became team members

Jeremy Lin was the starting point for the first season of the season. The Lakers' record was a mess, with only 5 wins and 15 losing out, and running late at the Lakers, and instead of Jeremy Lin. The Kobak team's relationship has always been very subtle.

The final game against Grizzlies On 11 November 2014, Lakers scored 3 points. Lin Shuhao left the ball. Kobe Bryant tossed Jeremy Lin away from the ball, but Jeremy Lin but Jordan Hill shot, Hille missed the shot, Grizzlies went back and won a Randolph goal to win. Kobe Bryant tightens against Jeremy Lin.

Next, on November 23, Lakers played against Nuggets when Lakers scored one point at the end, Jeremy Lin had Nuggets defending himself, Nuggets made 2 shots and spent more time. Kobe Jeremy Lin's performance was so hot, though he swore: "20s!" Kobe's explosion atmosphere was very shameful.

Kobe is not happy with Jeremy Lin

The match between Lakers and Grizzlies was surprising to me on January 2, 2010. It was finally the game. Grizzlies confirmed the lead. Kobe Bryant called out to Jeremy Lin and he was missing it. Jeremy Lin seems to be missing from Kobe and the game stopped, as Kobe shook his head. Then the Lakers coach was Byron Scott, Kobe and Jeremy Lin, the last straw.

Kobe's hardcore team is known in a league. It can also be described above. Jeremy Lin does not eat that set. In an interview, Kobe did not marry his teammates. He will doubt the appeal with the team of the Athletic team. In fact, he's back in Lakers too. Since then, it has been an accident in the development of the situation. During the summer vacation in 2015, Jeremy Lin Lakers broke up and moved to Hornets. After the horn, he remembered: "Finally I breathe fresh air."

Jeremy Lin has left Lakers

However, in the 2014-15 season nightmare, Jeremy Lin did not get anything. Kobe went away and learned a lot. "I remembered it was very precise. Training was very detailed on the training and strength of his leg. He knew the details of how to care for his body." Lin Shuhao said. "Every time Kuban finishes in the game, Kobe is watching the computer on the computer. As a rule, the player watches on the plane, listens to music, playing cards and watching the video." I started looking at the video game after finishing the game. "

Jeremy Lin and Kobe

When Kobe retired with the NBA, the story of Jeremy Lin was over. This time he took the initiative to send a book from Kobe Jeremy Lin, and Lin Shuhao gave a book about Weibo, that is, a smile is a gift. Apart from the past, the story between Kobe and Jeremy Lin needs to open a new chapter.

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