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Lakers start talking on the phone. The magician sends five commercial plans to 湖人

Original title: Starting a telephone communication with Lakers Magician sends five transaction plans

The news on February 1, Beijing, according to the famous ESPN journalist Adrian Wynnalovski, informed sources say Lakers and the team's director have made transactions with Anthony Davis in telephone communications.

According to the source, both parties should report again on February 7 before the trading period.

Brad Turner, a "Los Angeles Times" reporter, has announced that the president of Lakers, "Magic" Johnson, presented a five-trade plan to the Dale Demps CEO, 鹈 zain Group's management response.

One of the trading scales includes Langzo Bauer, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Ivica Zubates and the first round of the future.

ESPN beauty reporter Ramona Sherburn said LeBron James, in addition to the first person in today's league, no-one at Lakers.

In fact, before communicating with the Lakers, Demps picked up the phone and exchanged ideas with other teams. Wo Shen has revealed that the current plan of the team is the length of the plan, delaying the "Eight Eyebrows" transaction.

The team's current leader is enthusiastically taking on the great banner of the small city, allowing James and Emei to unify forces in Los Angeles. That is, if you want to become a player with the eyebrows Lakers, in the summer of 2020, purple gold purse is free.

Celtics and other competitors believe that if the slogan is to be traded to another group that is not Lakers, the rest of the season will end in the contract and the Lakers will enter the 2020 season. team

Wo Shen also said the Cricket team continues to explore the commercial value of players like Nikola Mirotic, Julius Randall and Etowan Moore. And when it comes to trading, Rich Eyes wants to play cricket again to play All-Star Game.

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