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League Cup – Kan did score + goals in Chelsea 2-goal frame 0-1 negatively Tottenham – Chinahourly

On the morning of 9 January, the Beijing season in the first round of the 2018-19 season of the England League round against Tottenham Hotspur in Wembley was against Chelsea. In the first half, Kan took a flyer knife and entered into a restricted area and Kepa was thrown out. The referee passed the VAR, then Tottenham was sentenced to prosecution. Kanek scored the first goal and Spurs scored 1-0. In the second half, both sides were offensive and defensive, but the score did not change. Tottenham finally defeated Chelsea 1-0 and was a leader in two rounds. Both teams will dispute the competition's second competition at home and abroad on January 25th.

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Tottenham continued to continue the FA Cup's latest generation. Sun Xingyu and Kane were in front and goalkeeper goalkeeper Gazaniga. Chelsea has several positions to make, and Christensen and Otto have got their starting point. In the 5 minute minute, Sun Xingyu entered the top of the restricted area and sent the ball to the right. Tripper passed the ball. Kan shook the golden shaft in the middle of a confined space, but he did not force him to give it Kepa. In the second minute, Trippier left behind Kane and Sun Xingyu passed the ball. The sun came back and Ross passed the ball to the front door, but Kepa shot the ball before Ali.

In 24 minutes, Tottenham went ahead and Kane was sentenced and Kappa was attacked. Kan asked for a penalty, but the flag was canceled. After returning to VAR, the referee imposed a penalty against Tottenham and sent a yellow card to Kepari. In the minute 27, Kan made a penalty kick and kicked the ball at the bottom left of the Chelsea goal. Tottenham was 1-0.

League Cup - Kan has scored + goals in the Chelsea 2-goal frame in 0-1 in Tottenham

League Cup - Kan has scored + goals in the Chelsea 2-goal frame in 0-1 in Tottenham

In the minute 35, Odom was in the right position, William went into the left of the penalty area and went back. Barkley followed the volleyball and blocked Tottenham goalkeeper. In the 40 minute, Alonso left to the left and passed the pass. Kanter got into the left-wing volleyball before losing the ball, and the ball went to the center and broke the bottom line. In the second minute of the second minute, outside of the restricted area of ​​Otto, Ross kept the ball and scored Tottenham. Ghaznik only made the ball when he blocked the ball. In the first half, Tottenham won 1-0.

In the second half of the game, it was easy to fight, and there was no change. In the 50 minute, Azal passed the penalty area to the goal. Tottenham beat Jozino and went back to the bottom line. On the left bank of William, Gazzani took the ball. In the minute 52, he received a cross on the right-hand side of Kane Sisco, and left Kepa off the crossbar. In minute 54, Kanter left the penalty area and saved Gazaniga. Alde Verrell made a great break. In the 59th minute, Chelsea made his right-wing turn in the right round, and Barkley made the ball in the lead and Christensen lost his position.

In the 70's, Aspiri Quetta was on the right-hand side. Pedro went on the right and passed Spurs' defense. Chelsea started the right corner and cleared the home team defense player. In the second half Surrey was replaced by Pedro, Kovacic and Giroud, but tried to change the situation of the crime. In the minute 84, Pedro was thrown to the right, no midfielder caught the ball, and went to the left of the ball. Alons beat the ball again and Gazaniga peered and embraced the ball. In the end, Tottenham won 1-0 in the first half of Chelsea Cancun penalty.

Linear Appearance

Tottenham (433): Gazaniga / Trippier, Alder Verrell, Da Vinci – Sanchez, Ross / Sissoko, Winks, Eriksson (90 + 2; Llorent) / Kane, Ali, Sun Xingyu (79 & La Mella)

Chelsea (433): Kepa / Aspiri Quetta, Rüdige, Christensen, Alonso / Kanter, Jožinho, Barkley (75 & Kovacic) / William (63 & Pedro; Azar, Odo (79 & Giroud)

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