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Less than 3 months after taking office


Original title: Less than 3 months from that office

Beijing Business News (Changing Cui Qibin Ma) Wang Wei, a background member of Sinoma International, was a business manager (300152) officially officially in September this year. It is now less than 3 months and the environment is in November. A 25-year-old advertisement announced the resignation of Wang Wei.

In Kerong's afternoon on the environment, on November 25, the company's board of directors recently received the resignation of President Wang Wei. Wang Wei resigned for the sake of the President's attitude for personal reasons and removed him from the board of directors. Any position

Wang Wei, chairman of the company's environment, became Secretary of the board of directors of the company this September, October. Now, announcing the resignation of Wang Wei, Kerong Environment has indicated that all the company's directors are recommending the selection of the new president, who will be the vice president of the company, Mao Junliang, and will be in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The provisions of the regulations and other regulations shall be the secretary of the Board of Directors. The board of directors of the company will carry out follow-up activities between the company's chairpersons and executive directors, as soon as possible, in accordance with judicial procedures.

According to Wang Wei's rebuilding, Wang Wei was Vice President of China's Building Materials Industry Association, as Vice President of the Chinese Cement Industry Association, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of China Chamber of Commerce, Mechanical and Electrical Products Import and Export, National Building Materials Industry Committee and BRICS Business Board . She is the executive director of the Chinese party. He is currently a member of the M & A Financing Commission of the Association of Chinese Business Associations and independent director of Asia Cement (China) Holding Company. In addition, in 2009-2014, he was President of Wang Wei Sinoma International; In 2009-2016, he was also Vice President of China National Materials Corporation.

Whether resigning Wang Wei's influence on the company's future development plan, Beijing Business Daily reporter contacted Keyong Environmental Employees. According to the other party, the resignation of Wang Wei was not less than the legal number of the company's Board of Directors and would not affect Company's daily operations and management.

Aside from being a short exit from the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the chief executive officer of the company's environmental management team is not long and less than three months.

In fact, on July 26, Kerong presented his resignation to the Qin Gengli resignation, the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors. Qin Gengli resigned as the CEO and board of directors of the Kerong Environment for personal reasons. In June of this year, Qin Geng Li Kerong was appointed Deputy Director and Deputy Director, within a period of less than 2 months.

The Kerong Environmental Management Board Secretary will return to June 30, 2017. At that time, Kerong Environment was hired by the company's Board of Directors as Deputy Secretary General and Deputy Director of Sun Chengyu. It was operated by Sun Chengyu. Representative of the electroacoustic value. However, Sun Chengyu's office will not expire for a period of three months. On September 19, 2017, Keye Environment presented his resignation. Sun Chengyu asked for the company's secretary and CEO for personal reasons.

According to the data, Kerong Environment is a comprehensive environmental management platform that integrates energy saving combustion, water conservation and water treatment, treatment of hazardous wastes, treatment of contaminated waste, cogeneration, thermal engineering engineering and flue gas treatment. According to financial data, the company's revenue and net profit fell in the first three quarters of this year. Among these, the net profit attributable to the company for 2007 amounted to 2.61 million yuan, a year-to-year decline of 2889.5%.

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