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Liao Media: Guangdong 15 consecutive wins Liao substitutes for basketball work can be reduced – Sports News


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Liaoning Daily News last season, when Liaoning's male basketball team was ranked in the opening phase, but the situation of the main players is harder to call Hudson, Guo Ailun, Bathe did not fully integrate in the team, injured Li Xiaoxu, who is back, the recovery period still … Compared to the same period of the season, although the Liao cart is in third place, the main players have been in good standing, Hudson, Bass, Han Dejun, and Guo Ailun have become stronger points, Zhao Jiwei did not return, Liao's current team no. It's worse than a strong league team.

Liao Media: The winner of the Guangdong 15 match is a replacement for a job. Liao's bus bank was less surprised

Liao's baskets play against North Control on the morning. Our reporter Sun Haitao

However, if you need a higher standard, the Liao Shopping Cart Bank needs more support from the group. In the horizontal match, Guangdong team won 15 matches. In the ratings, the bank players also have a credit. They did not say that Wang Saikai and Zeng Fanri are "second year educators", although they have joined the group. Players like Runwang and Xu Jie also started moving to the center. The eight crowns "strong talents" have not been rolled back. The Beijing team, with the same record as the Liao basket, has played a wave of nine winners among the major players. Zhang Cairen has made great contributions. This is a substitute for a seasonally active season in recent years. It has now become a defensive player that can only be. On the other hand, the surprise of the Liao bank dump is not a bit less.

After winning the championship, the Liaoning male basketball team maintained the absolute stability of the line. The new face is the only person who has just entered the first team in the real sense. As the Liao cart has been hired since the Summer Summer Team, it has been great for participating in the same participation games, including the Zadar Championship. Progression is very obvious. In the first phase of the regular season, exposure was also a huge opportunity. Although the team suffered the most serious injuries, they were given a tour. In general, although there is little experience in crafts, it is very difficult in the game. When he's shot, he'll never be soft, he'll see Liao's basketball spirit from her. This is especially useful for a young player who has never appeared in the CBA class.

In addition, the "new person" is back in the Liao cart, which is the period before the rental of Gao Shiyan Jilin. He was not a member of the tournament team for the last season, so Gao Shiyan is expected to prove this season. By judging the previous game, Gao Shiyan is not stable enough for the offensive, and it is easy to make mistakes in the game, but the defensive end result is outstanding. So far, in this season, Gao Shiyan has played 13 matches. Although he scored 4.5 points per game, he could have 3.4 support and 1.7 robberies. This is not hard to get her guards punctual. Especially, it is worth pointing out that Gao Shiyan has scored many small foreign aid in many games, of which six out of three have been considered as innocent. From the point of view of the game, Gao Shiyan is always struggling with great spirit, although it is not a mistake and a mistake, it is not recommended. Even though Liao Basket is pleased with the main strength, Gao Shiyan is a member of the team.

Yang Ming, Kong Mingchen and other substitute players also stand out in the first place. Fighting and defense have helped the team a lot. Liao basquet can start the game from the beginning. They may be in four of the qualifying positions, but they can not make any contributions. However, the regular season is a long process and it is a good practice for playoffs. If the Liao cart bank develops more "intelligent soldiers" or more, it will be very beneficial in the group.

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