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Lilac Garden responds to the sale of "high-priced rope": medical equipment department Price service with service fee | Medical Equipment | Insole | Clove Garden_Sina News

Original title: Lilac Garden responded for "high-priced ropes": medical equipment price of the service of the person in charge

At the end of 2018, the kidney orchard published an article on Quan Jian and its products sold by public concern.

On January 11, a clear article stated that Liyuan Garden's "bone-based" solomon price is high and the "orthopedic surgeon" price of Lilac Garden's lilac clinic is priced in RMB in 1980. The price of a healthy mud is twice high. According to the article, the keystrokes were attacked by the right to obtain a better market for their products.

As a result, employees of the public relations department of Lilac Garden, according to the Beijing News magazine, on January 12, includes the track record of a "private orthopedic trap" product as a private medical entity. Also, the "orthopedic" is not a hint. It is available as a national medical qualification. The product was launched in the first half of 2018. For his product's attack power system, the staff said "nonsense."

Orthopedic image Weibo screenshot

The green text belongs to the claves garden to attack the right health system of its products

On December 25, 2018, Dr. Clove published the article "The Ten Thousands of Health Empires and Chinese Family in the Shadow". In the article Quanjian product's "bone basis" price of the product was questioned.

Recently, "Walking and Singing", the public name "WeChat", published an article "All aware, the lilac gardens grow their mangoes, but I did not expect it to be so fast", at the Lila Clinic's online store line cloves. Ask for "Ask Orthopedics".

According to the article, the garden of lil Quan Jianyi, the concern is "high price", that is, the "bone base" floor is 1068 yuan. Floor is discounted when it is on sale and the purchase price is seven or eight percent. In fact Lilac Garden's liquor also sells the "unconscious" clinic online, which is also expensive, in the $ 1980, almost twice the price of buying the Metajian stock. The article asserts that the power of kidney attacks is to obtain more market space for their products.

The website also mentioned a news that Lilac Garden noticed. In September 2018, the Xinhua News Agency's sale price for the Sewage treatment plant in Jiangsu People was 2650 yuan, but suppliers are priced at only 260 yuan. This suggests that lilac allows the sale of salmon sold at high prices, but it is not blaming others.

On January 12, journalist Beijing News was not found on the clinical platform.

Official website of Cactus Clinic (Hangzhou Binjiang Store)

Answer: "Orthopedic insole" is a medical device for the entire degree

On January 12, a staff member of Lilac Garden's public relations department said that the Beijing Orthopedics magazine is not a solomon mentioned in the text. The doctor is an external fixation key and is a primary healthcare device.

The workers said they did not sell sales of "orthopedics" in the dressing rooms to the general population. Previously, Lilac only showed the clinic the product, and the price of the price was not the uniform price of the product. Specific prices will be based on the medical evaluation and measurement and the prices will be calculated after reading the points. For this reason, only the product can be personalized after being evaluated. "Price is not repaired 1980 Yuan".

According to the document sent to the Beijing News magazine Lilac Garden, the product uses 100% EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) material, personalized solutions professionally tailored to the needs of the disease. Buying an Orthopedic Orbit should be evaluated at the clinic, otherwise personalization can not be customized. Depending on the individual's foot status, the doctor evaluates fully the 360 ​​degree development of foot and foot (skeletal screening, gait examination, pelvic examination, lower body biomechanical analysis, arc development evaluation and test of plant pressure). Personalized shoes-based solutions help people with improved monitoring services improve their treatment. Although remote initial evaluation is possible, remote evaluation can not get customized information.

If the "basal bone" floor in Jiangsu and the "high-priced" ones are solid, is the "orthopedic garden of gardens" similar to "high price"? In this sense, the staff did not respond directly, but they said the lilac is a private private clinic for public hospitals that offer subsidies and tax incentives for non-residents. Private health entities are complementary to public medical entities, and claves clinics are the professional value of medical services. The prices of these products, above all, have the following service rates for the products.

The workers said they were floating on the "orthopedic basement" price, as the key. "Materials and needs are different and prices are too high. When using the orthopedic holes, you will go to the clinic to see how it fits."

The workers have said that the manufacturer of the "orthopedic fire" is qualified for the production of medical equipment and that it also has a large number of documents on the Lila clinic platform to sell related products.

In the face of "Continuing Power", its products are entering the market, "the workers said they were" nonsense ".

Introduce the information disclosure form for medical devices in the first level of Hangzhou City

Tracking: This product has been submitted in the corresponding sections

It is understood that a situation produces a production system for some types of medical devices.

The staff of the public relations staff in the above-mentioned keystrokes produced "Beijing Orthopedic Insole" production of medicine production in Beijing News, which is the number of Zhejiang Hangfang, number 20180125. On January 12, the Beijing News magazine has consulted the official website of the Hangzhou Market Supervision Administration to verify the registration number. The product name was an external medical key. The official website information shows that the product presents information about the first medical device in Hangzhou and Hangzhou Foot Science Technology Co., Ltd. product product

The search for conversations has found that Hangzhou Foot Science is a science and technology medical device company specializing in human biomechanics.

Fan Jingyi, Deputy Director of the Orthopedic Department, Beijing Children's Hospital, told reporters that the usual orthopedics should be diagnosed by the doctor and then the professional responsible for orthopedic instruments can do the pedal and mechanical testing of the strength of the plant and then perform customized production. The loin that is sold in Quanjia is not a corrective device, there is no individual design, and there is no judicial procedure. It is not orthopedic.

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