Saturday , January 29 2022

Lin Gao, a resentful and resentful man, went to the cleaning staff to a poisoned glass. They were sentenced to 4 years in prison | Villa district | Cleaning staff | Ura Kopa_ 新浪 新闻


Original title: Lin Gao, a man of corruption and resentment of cleaners, was poisoned for 4 years.

Nairobi News Nine, Lin Gao, a man who had left the company rejected the company's cleaner and put the kettle on the rats poison. Fortunately, the workers have found it in time without causing serious consequences. Most recently, the Haikou Meilan Court has condemned Jiang Muhammad for four years for the prosecution of dangerous goods in prison.

At 22:30, on June 9, 2017, Jiang Mouyong was rescindent, for he dismissed it. In the Meilan District of Lingshan Town, a remote computer that was in the cabin of a villa in Haikou City remained remote from a computer. At 1 in the morning, Jiang Mouyong repeatedly walked home, no one found it. She went to the underground living room for the Villa and put the rat poison in the bottle of water and the kettle in the wash service. Then the scene escaped.

On the same morning, the cleaning staff found an alleged rat poison when they went to work in the cup, called the police. Police show signs of local rat clues. After the identification, the bromadiolone components were detected in the sample studied. On 1 September 2018, Jiang Muozhong was arrested by the public security organs.

Judge Meilan believes that prosecuted Jiang Mossyong released a poisonous substance bromadiolone without compromising public safety and causing severe consequences. Its behavior is a crime that places dangerous substances. In fact, Jiang Mossyong's lawsuit was voluntarily pleading that he was punished by law, and he had made the previous trial.

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