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Liu Shiwen's ambition in Tokyo, costumes, talents, match, Olympics, can not, owner, owner – China News Net

2019-02-28 23:56:53 Source: China News Network

China News Service, Shenzhen, 28 February (Ma Yuanhao) 3: 2 wins Zhu Yuling, 1: 3 lost Wang Mang, 3: 0 sweep Gu Yuting, Liu Shiwen 2019 World Table Tennis Championship final match ended 2 wins and 1 loss 28th Contest

In 2019, the World Table Tennis Championship was held in Budapest. The President of the Table Tennis Association, Liu Guoliang, praised it as a "top-level education" for the Tokyo Olympics. So, before the contest, there will be more than one month's test. For Liu Shiwen, if he wants to win tickets and win the World Table Tennis Championship, he will have a positive role in the selection of the Tokyo National Olympic Games Board.

However, in the last year, Liu Shiwen has fallen into a bell. Civil war and foreign wars have been younger than younger. Hong Kong Open lost He Zhuojia, Korean Open and Austrian Open defeated Chen Meng, and the final did not. Zhu Yuling, the World Table Tennis Tournament and the Sweden Swedish defeated the Japanese Ito Meicheng teenager.

In February of this year, Liu Shiwen named the "Portuguese Challenge" low-level International Tennis Table Federation. He hoped to increase the strength of Moralism and gain confidence in the title, but it was not expected that the 1/8 final female single would be eliminated. The youngest of the 18-year-old Japanese was Honda Hina 4: 2. "Liu Shiwen did not agree," and skepticism spread among tennis fans .

As a result of the bankruptcy, Liu Shiwen said he did not set the trial purpose. "I want to do a good job, find my own rhythm and drive better for the future".

On the first match, Liu Shiwen defeated Zhu Yuling and lost Wang Mang at 1:03. The triumph of triumphant triumphant triumphant Gu Yuting, the ups and downs are still obvious.

"Workout in the last six months is not systematic, and the desire and situation of the game is poor, the competition has to be released a bit, it threatens the changes in the game. Today, technology and physical fitness have changed. I can not focus on one or two games The transformation can be finished, "Liu Shiwen explored." The collaboration with Ma Lin coaches has just begun. We are still underway, we need to understand well to cooperate in the competition. "

Although there are many difficulties in the face, Liu Shiwen indicated his desire to attack Tokyo Olympics. "I think they have a potential. I hope that they have the potential to move ahead of the Olympics in Tokyo before. I can not play with my talents. The main problem is still the heart. Sometimes when it's played, it will cause fear. I ask myself and step by step. "

Since last year, Liu Shiwen has been confused with Xu Wei and won last year's Austrian Open championship and doubles of Hungarian Open doubled in January. The success of the combination of "Yu Wen" has undoubtedly been chosen by Liu Shiwen in the dubbing mixed Tokyo Mist Game. In this sense, Liu Shiwen expressed the power to prepare mixed ladies. "Everything is unknown, but I have a hard work in this Olympic competition. I will do a lot of work".

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