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Liverpool announces the renewal of the new 10 number. Have a weekly salary of £ 150,000 signed in 2023? – 肆 客 足球 App –


2018-11-23 07:15:50 Source: Hacker Football App

On November 23, during the Beijing season, Liverpool officially announced that the team was renewed with the husband Mane of Senegal. It is said that the semantic salary is more than 150,000 pounds and the contract is up to 2023.

Official: Liverpool renews Marne

After retaking, Mane said in an interview: "I'm very happy, I am very happy in Liverpool, it's a great day for me. I hope that the team will help me to get everything I can and help the club with the dream, especially for the trophy."

"I always thought I did not think much about when I arrived in Liverpool. Right is the right time and the coach is the best.

26-year-old Mane has taken Liverpool to Southampton in summer 2016 with a cost of 34 million pesetas.

Liverpool officials did not announce a number of years of renewal of the contract, but according to Liverpool reporter, Manek renewed his contract with Red Army until 2023.

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