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Madman dissolves the main cause of the decline of Manchester United. "Nobody wants to sell our players" – Sports | No Chew Daily


Since leaving Ferguson in 2013, Manchester United has replaced several leaders, Moyes, a temporary coach from Gies, from Van Gaal to Mourinho, to Manchester United to recover the Premier League's first king

(United Kingdom, London, 1st) Why did Manchester United gradually fall after Ferguson? "Madman" for your study Mourinho!

Since retirement from Ferguson in 2013, Manchester United has replaced several leaders in Moyen, temporary coaches Giesek and Van Gaal for Mourinhori to recover Manchester United from former Premier League.

After Ferguson's fall

During the post-Ferguson season, Manchester United's Premier League results were ranked 7th in the 2013/14 season, 4th in 14/15 season, 5th in 15/16 season, 6th in 16/17 season and 17/18 season finals. The current classification is the seventh position of the season.

With this Ferguson coach, Manchester United has won 13 victories in the 1992/93 Premier League.

In Manchester United, four coaches were replaced and they did not return the ancient lakes. Mourinhou said: Manchester United has not left the England transfer market in the past.

The ball will be little money

He said: "Manchester United is better than Tottenham in every aspect of history, but Tottenham is a great club. I think people will say so. But now we've been going to Tottenham to get the best. Players: no, they will not be sold, they will not be strong."

He once again analyzed: "A few years ago, it was the best player in Tottenham? Kalik, the best Tottenham player a few years later?" Bebatov, we went to Tottenham to Kay. In, Ali, Eriksson and Sun Xingyi? Anywhere to buy people? No, who is strong now? Are you with us? "

In the past, Manchester United did not say "price fluctuations", because Manchester United often earns exclusive prices for competitors to fight for market transfer, but this trick has not been used in recent years, since the opponent does not have money right now. .

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