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Original title: China has entered the high season of the flu, making defenses

According to news from CCTV, winter and spring flu season is great and this year is no exception. There are many places in China in the fluctuating period of influenza. According to the latest report from the National Influenza Center (4), most of the Chinese provinces have experienced fluctuations in the winter and spring, with an increase in activity. Outpatient clinics with respiratory infections began in many cities, and the flu gradually entered the peak.

Dalian: 3 to 4 times more common in cold patients. Serious complications

In the 5th Hospital of Dalian, in the province of Liaoning, the number of colds in patients was three to four times as common. Mr. Jia is 82 years old this year. His body was very hard. He had a cold before and started a fever. He went to the hospital and infected pneumonia.

Dalian Jia: The initial feeling is the same, there is a bit of body, until 8 pm, I feel hot, the fever is not 39 degrees, and ask your child quickly at the hospital.

Unlike ordinary colds, the flu is very contagious. Not only are symptoms of common cold, symptoms reach a degree of 39-40 degrees, headache, overall muscle pain, fatigue, and even complications with severe pneumonia cases. Medicine otitis, myocarditis, meningitis or encephalitis.

Guangzhou: Hospitals have been linked to A flu

Children, the elderly, can suffer the flu population. The Children's Hospital of the Guangzhou Yuexiu District is crowded and some patients still see brothers and sisters for the doctor. Since December, the number of hospital admissions cases has risen, with at least 10% more than in November, especially with A flu.

Children's parents: he's been there for three days. It's a painful throat and injured four or five days.

Fujian: The Children's Hospital "squeezed and blasted the highest single day record that was refreshed

In Xiamen, the number of pediatric colds and fever in several provinces of Fujian province has increased significantly. The Xiamen Children's Emergency Medical Treatment Service was 2,232 and established a new record of hospital emergency medical records.

Children's parents: there are several leaves in their (child's) class.

Reporter: What are the reasons?

Parents of children: it is serious that it is cold and cough.

Shao Changzhou, Medical Area, Department of Breathing Medicine, Xiamen Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University: Primary morbidity is children and elderly, as well as other basic diseases, cardiopulmonary disease (patients) or pregnant women.

Beijing: Influenza activity from an epidemic

The latest follow-up data for Peking also showed that the percentage of cases caused by cases in hospitals in the secondary hospitals of the city last December 24 to December 30 was 2.78%, which was higher than the previous week but low. At the same time last year.

Pang Xinghuo, Beijing City Council, Deputy Director for Disease Control and Prevention. In mid-December, the flu activity has risen rapidly and the period after the epidemic has passed. According to our annual follow-up data, Beijing peak is between December and January. In the coming months, flu activity will be high and will continue in mid-January and January of this year.

Preventing and controlling the flu

However, current CDC data show that this flu is not higher than that of the same period of the previous year, and normal illness is also in winter, without excess. Let's see how the flu influences against science.

The most effective way of preventing flu is the vaccine during the flu season. Doctors recommend 1-2 months before the flu epidemic peak is the best time to get the vaccine every year in October and November every year.

The second is attention paid daily. Drink plenty of water, often wipe your hands, keep air circulation indoors, and get less people, get outdoors, and so on. Hygiene can also prevent attention and indirect contamination. For example, sweat or sting, tighten your mouth and nose with a cloth or a paper towel. After finding symptoms of flu, you have to stop going to school or go to work and you need to seek medical advice to prevent others from infecting.

Shao Changzhou, Head of Medicine, Department of Medicine Breathing, Xiamen Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University: especially when you are sick, pay close attention to your protection. Use the mask to spread to other people.

Gu Li, Director of the Department of Infection and Microbiology, Chaoyang Hospital, Beijing: We will not be afraid of this flu. Most patients are not very basic (sick) and very mild. There are self-limiting (self-healing), after three or five days of clinical fever, cough may be discomfort (symptoms), especially if it is good for a week.

Beijing CDC: There is no EU medicine in medicine

Flu prevention, another thing, is not to believe in rumors. Recently, one of the networks has sent a message about the "EB flu," indicating that the EU's flu is serious. If you do not like it, drink plenty of water and help you keep your throat mucous membranes. Otherwise, the virus can invade the body in 10 minutes. The Department of Disease Control said that this is false.

The Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention Observatory is not rumored in EU medicine. It's just a common EB virus, especially infectious lymphocytes and infectious pituitary and lymphocyte fever tension. It is not very pathogenic, infectious and difficult to treat. There is currently no report on the increase of EB viral infection cases. Everyone has no need to be angry. "At least ten minutes into the body" as the virus is not called, the infection of the virus infection requires a certain process, not ten minutes in the body.

Flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by flu virus. According to the National Influenza Report, this year the main type of A influenza virus is H1N1, followed by A (H3N2). A small number of influenza B virus can be detected.

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