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Marriotten 500 million users have flown their data, how can we save them in 5 steps?


Marriotten 500 million users have flown their data, how can we save them in 5 steps?

The Marriott International Group has a great deal of agreement. On Friday night, the prestigious hotel group announced that its database system was hacked, and personal data, name, credit card, email, email and passport number were stolen by hackers. About 500 million people are screaming. In addition to Yahoo, 3,000 million users released information, there is no serious accident than Marriott data leaks.

According to Washington Post, the data caused by the Starwood Hotel's data breach of data were not eaten by Marriott. "Since the arrival of Marriott Starwood in 2016," since the year 2016, he had not found the system loopholes, that is, the hackers have been using Marriott's data for four years. "

The Marriott Group said on November 19 someone was found to be unauthorized access to the Starwood customer database and that hackers could easily obtain data before September 10 this year. With 500 million users, there are 327 million "wounded" and the hacker can control almost all personal information.

Even more, it is feared that customers' credit card numbers are also lost. Although AES-128 standard encryption is used, the Marriott could not determine whether the hacker steal the key to decrypting your credit card account information.

In this regard, the Marriott Group can not express its deep regret and make every effort to help clients and lessons.

The largest hotel chain in the world, Marriott International has more than 5,800 hotels and the hotel also houses W Hotels, Sheraton, Westin and Le Méridien.

Marriott Group hotel system hacking is still unclear, but security experts believe that it is a breakthrough in hotel wifi hacking. In fact, in 2016, Starwood and the Marriott Hotel were hacked and tens of thousands of credit card numbers were stolen.

So, if you've been in a Marriott group hotel for the past four years, how do you take active self-help measures? Below you will be given all the help and, if you do these five steps, you can minimize the loss.

Change password

This is common. Change your Marriott / Starwood password first. The first step is the easiest. Remember that if your Marriott / Starwood password is the same or similar to the other account password, the change will also change the password for the other account.

2. Verify suspicious activity account

After changing your password, you can verify if your account contains suspicious transactions. If you find something you do not know, contact the bank of the issuer. If you have an unusual transaction with your Marriott account, contact Marriott directly. Of course, do not forget to see other accounts, maybe hackers have already stalked them.

It is important that the successful hacker does not immediately use or stolen data, so your chains are a bit closer.

3. If you can not, freeze your credit card

If credit cards are not frozen, hackers have also prevented your credit card report (requesting a card, paid money and your home, work, etc.).

If you do not want to freeze your credit card, opening the scam notice, reminders and verification steps continues to be more protection.

4. Two-step verification is used

After receiving a large amount of data, the hackers will try to connect data in a different way to log in to other online accounts and services. At this time, complex passwords become critical. If you still do not know what the two-step verification method is, it's time to go to school now.

In fact, the Marriott already recognizes a two-step verification in the hospitality industry, but since the use of two Marriott's (SPG) parallel services, the latter is a security wrong. This painful lesson of experience will be a two-step verification method in the hotel industry.

5. Scams face-to-face

Cibers know that customers have stolen their data by falling into safety anxiety, having illnesses and medical treatments and getting into bad guys. Here, we remind you that you do not need to mix links in your mailbox, especially those that protect or retrieve your data as "sales point". Also, if you want to contact the Bank or the Marriott Group, you must enter the official website, do not mix it and find "Li Gui".

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Marriotten 500 million users have flown their data, how can we save them in 5 steps?

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