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Marvel Super English Animation "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" 6 Spider-Manen First Box –


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17th of December, 2017 10:01 Source: Chongqing Morning News Interact participation

Marvel Super English Animation "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" 6 Spider-Man First Frame

(Kong Lingqiang Reporter) Siren Spiders are in the same box. In recent years, superheroes called "group operations" have played new tricks. Yesterday afternoon, reporter Marvel superhero animated film "Spiderman: Parallel Universe" previously saw Chongqing, Miles and Peter, Spiderman, Shadow Spiderman, Penny from parallel universes. Parker and Pigman have come together, and Spider-Man is the first big screen to fight the six powerful Spider-Man universe villains.

"Spiderman: Parallel Universe" Spiderman tells the story of Miles Morales's average school student Peter Parker for the new generations of superheroes. After watching the movie, the biggest surprise that the viewer has made of the film is that they are more than one Spider-Man movie. The films are called "Parallel Universe", Peter, Spider-Man Warrior, Shadow Spider-Man, Penny Parker, Spiders and pigs have also come from parallel universes, and Spider-Man has managed to fight six strong knights of the university. The film will officially be released on December 21.

"Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" is produced by artists from 30 different countries. Unlike traditional animation films, the production team combines CG animation with painted techniques and viewers see the impact on the big screen. There is a retro American-American style of the last century. Each image frame is printed on the big screen and the viewer can also see strokes and points. The short film "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe" has directed the best Oscar nomination and best animated nomination for the 2019 Golden Globe Awards. Has an animated film by professional judge awarded at the box office in the audience? Looking forward.

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