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Marvel will shoot the first Chinese superhero movie. Peng Yuxi, Wu Yanzu, journalist named Zhang Jin – Entertainment | Without Chew Daily


Even though Marvel did not confirm the news of "Up", many of the network's experts have recently reminded of the controversy over the Chinese actors.

Marvel Film presents the movie "Upper Qi" superhero, as a Chinese star. The gas corner is based on Bruce Lee.

Marvel Films has broken the ravine in recent years. The African American film "Black Panther" is now used as the main character. The first Chinese superhero movie and Bruce Lee's "Shang-Chi" blockade. "Deadline" said that Marvel Film is looking for a Chinese director or a Chinese director, and a screenwriter wrote the filmmaker David Callahan, who wrote "Wonder Woman 1984" and "Godzilla". David Callaham), is expected to be a modern content, avoiding the Chinese stereotype at that time.

Even though Marvel did not confirm the news of the "Up" film, many of the network's current networks have reminded critics of discussing the role of the Chinese actor. Wu Yanzu, Peng Yuxi, Englishman, Wu Yunlong and Zhang Jin, who have filmed Hollywood films, recommends sergeants!

It is also known as "Upper Qi", called "Kung Fu Master". It was the best personage ever released by Bruce Lee's 1973 "Dragon Fighting" movie. In December 1973, the "Special Marvel Edition" of the 15th edition of the comic book is Qi Fu, son of Manchuren, a great villain. Hunan was born in China. He was isolated in the world and trained by his father and his masters. It has beautiful martial arts. When he came to the outside world and he always respected that his father was really very upset, he decided to fight him.

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