Thursday , June 8 2023

Meizu “stand” _Mobile-Sohu


  1. Meizu “stand” _MobileSohu
  2. Gionee secretly introduced Trojan horses to mobile phones for profit, but was Meizu also involved? Meizu official denies-MeizucnBeta
  3. 20 million Gionee mobile phones were introduced with Trojan horses, more than 2.8 billion times to “pull” Meizu was also in the lawsuit?Sina
  4. Meizu responded to “secretly setting up Trojan horses on mobile phones”: he did not take part in related illegal incidents-Meizu meizucnBeta
  5. Gione provided nearly 30 million yuan in profits to users by planting Trojans on mobile phones, and Meizu was also involved.Sina
  6. View the full report in Google News
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