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More than a thousand people watched the Chinese science fiction film industry is growing – land is industrial development, that is, billions – Economic Information

2019-03-01 03:42:23 Source: Economic Information

Spring Festival has released home-based science fiction films this year, and its box office performance has renewed the Chinese historical market record. According to Liu Cixin's original science-fiction blockbusters, "The Wandering Earth" was adapted, the box office hit over 4.4 million yuan, the movie "Ning Hao Director, Huang Wei and Shen Teng", a movie movie about "Wolf 2" It was the best. Alien has a 2.1 million-yuan box office and a "Land add-on" that forms part of the Spring Festival's "Science Fiction Route," has seen millions of people watch movies and set a new "science-fiction fever".

Internationally, it is believed that the birthmark of science fiction film industry is an important rise in the science-fiction industry of a country. From the point of view of the world of science fiction, from the point of view of the film industry and cultural goods, it should be emphasized that the "land waves" "milestones". 2019 can become a historical event. The science-fiction science that the film has represented has reached a new level. However, we must also see that compared to European and American European parties, the Chinese science fiction industry's sustainable development mechanism has not yet reached and improved.

Accelerate the science fiction industry running "not working"

What is the Chinese Science Fiction Industry Potential?

The "science fiction fever" set by "The Wandering Earth" and "Crazy Alien" is not an accident. In February, in the field of cultural consumption, "science fiction month" has been unprecedented.

In February, the Science and Technology Fair of the "Future Affairs Administration" at the Festival of Markets was the duration of the festival and the Lantern Festival. Since its inception, it has become one of the largest. This platform devoted to training "Liu Cixin txikia" and "Xiao Guofan", at the same time, quickly overtaken the "Grounds for the Land of China" of the North American film, which was directed by Stephen Chow, who had previously won over $ 5.3 million in the US cinematographic market box office in five years; Next, around the generation of "Crazy Alien" by James Cameron, he presented the latest filmmaking and film fiction script "Alita: Battle Angel", "Card God" Liu Cixin and Liu Cixin started an interview, "Alita: Battle Angel" wins over 500 million yuan in China's box office …

Jiang Xiaoyuan, a professor at the University of Jiaotong in Shanghai, committed to the history of science and technology and science fiction, believes that it is an important sign that China's science fiction industry has adapted its roots to industrial development and that its economic and social benefits are huge.

Yao Haijun, the Secretary of State for the Science Fiction World, recalled in 2000 Liu Cixin's "The Wandering Earth" science fiction writer was published in the "Science Fiction World" magazine and was readily enthusiastic. However, according to China's economic and cultural low base, there was no scientific fiction success. Science fiction development began in 2012 and beyond.

In November 2012, Liu Cixin introduced a new "Three-body" trilogy English translation project in November 2012, the first "Three-body" (English version) from 2015 to 2016 and Hao Jingfang "Folding Beijing" medium text (English version) Hugo Award He has won for science fiction awards. In 2016, a complete version of the trilogy trilogy trilogy was released, in 2019, a home-made science fiction block adapted to "Earth Wandering" adapted to Earth Wandering.

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