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Morning Post | Folding Apple & iPhone / 12306 I & D screen folding User information escaping / Next-generation Huawei mobile phone can use Sony 3D camera


Apple is developing a folding phone

The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office of the U.S. has recently published a patent from Apple, which shows that Apple develops a compact screen.

Depending on the description of the patents, Apple applied the coated cover for applying the OLED panel (spray, soap, or printing) so that the screen can be easily bent and rotated. Or wear it.

Most importantly, patch schematic can be folded inside and out, and the folding Samsung phone is folded internally.

12306 Refusal of User Information Dissemination

Yesterday, 12306 users found on the network had information about dark sales, about 600,000 accounts were leaked, including 4.1 million users, including name, ID number, mobile phone number, login account, password and email address.

The Railway Department then told Weibo that there was no leakage of the users of the website 12306 and it encouraged passengers to buy their tickets through official channels to avoid risks.

Reuters expects Bytebeat to join China

Reuters recently reported that $ 75 billion in private by-taxation (current owners) can add a little bit of China's vitality.

Reuters anticipates that if the 2019 leap is merged with Baidu, the double "B" will be a powerful force, or will unify BAT with Alibaba and Tencent.

Harbin will finance 4 million yuan to negotiate water and wind

According to a new interface report, according to sources, Harbin completed a new round of financing, led by Chunhua Capital and Ant Financial, about 4 million yuan.

Haha travel application shows that the vehicle owner is hiring. Harbin will make another trip to the taxi and private car, such as the trip and the first car.

Tianjin Market Monitoring Department: Quan Jian products have exaggerated propaganda problems

The Tianjin Market Surveillance Department yesterday said that a group of research groups last 24 hours conducted investigations and evidence of a "quantitative event", and preliminary checks were suspected by some Tianjin Quanjian Company products to exaggerate propaganda problems. In response to other issues, the Joint Investigation Team continues its verification process and publicly publishes the results of the research in a proper manner.

Chrome users do not like the new UI and want to go back to the old version.

In September, Google introduced the Chrome 69 version, with newly redirected user interface tags, new swatches and icons. Google believes that the new design interface is simplifying and contributes to increasing productivity, but many users have not yet complained. They want to use the old version of Chrome and they want to "go back to the past."

Google's engineer Peter Casting has told Reddit that other browsers prefer the use of the older version of Chrome. If older versions are not abrasive solutions, there may be security risks, such as "not choosing vaccinate."

Wu Yifan collaborates with Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise to create a personal brand

Yesterday, Wu Yifan and Xiaomi Eco-friendly Business Company (I) (Beijing) Jewelry Co., Ltd. called fashion brand A.C.E. (Additional Culture Evolution).

A.C.E. The Weibo certification company is official Tianjin Xingyun Culture Development Co., Ltd. According to, fortunately, with a subscribed capital RMB 550,000, 55% of shareholders, Wu Yifan invested RMB 450,000, was 45% of the shares and was the director, CEO and CEO. According to industry and commercial information, Wu Yifan is the only company directly involved.

X-Men, Fantastic Four Return to Marvel, for the development of related films for the next year

Regarding the acquisition of Disney's 21st Century Fox movies, X-Men and Magic 4 will return to Marvel.

Kevin Feige, the owner of Marvel Studios, has recently shown that there is no coincidence with the unknown Marvel universe, but will begin to develop movies like next year.

Sony 3D camera chip mass production next year

Head of Sony's sensor division Yoshihara recently said that the next-generation 3D sensor chip production is increasing. These chips will be used on 3D front end phones for 2019 smartphone manufacturers and Sony will start massive production to meet demand at the end of the summer.

Sony currently controls half the camera chip market and supplies customers like Apple, Alphabet and Samsung Electronics. According to a person who knows the subject, Huawei will use the Sony camera 3D camera in the next generation.

LG launches a "speaker", which supports Dolby Atmos and Google Voice Assistant

According to foreign media, according to Engadget, LG recently launched new "bar-speakers", mainly sound quality and intelligence. It is clear that three LG bar speakers work with the British Meridian Brand, the Dolby Atoms support, DTS: X, and Google Assistant.

In the next phone, Samsung Smart TV supports incoming devices, such as keyboards and PC mice

According to the foreign media of To Verge, Samsung recently announced the 2019 television product, Remote Access, a new access point that does not require a HDMI cable connection. Remote access is connected directly to the devices connected to the television with the mouse and the keyboard.

Depending on the access point, remote access supports devices connected, such as computers, mobile phones and tablets.

a cup made of sand

Foundry recently developed a material that transforms sand into a formidable support. Ramel can be used for many functional products, such as coffee sandals.

Inspired by the city of Dubai, the designers analyzed the UAE's sandstone resources and used sand for renewable products. They combine the visual, touching and thermal properties of the sand with ceramic castability, and finally, this chic coffee cup is 1220 $.

Does the mobile touch screen display smarter for children?

The BBC's latest document, "Baby: World Magical", was conducted in children's tests of 0-2 years and electronic products have a positive impact on children. Building block tests have shown that babies that touch the touch screens are more flexible than those that do not touch the touch screen.

However, netizens said that children are concerned about electronic products or "double swords", "the movements of the hands are more flexible, but the view is even worse," "the touch screens are more and addicted to children" … "I think it's better to build children's building blocks than to play a mobile phone."

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