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Mountain development, new city, double creation


On February 13, 2017, Beijing was a good news. The State Council approved Huai's state-of-the-art industrial development area as a high-tech national area.

The construction began in 2001 and was approved as a zone of development in 2006. 33.4 square kilometers, an area with more than 1,000 companies and an industrial output of 76.3 million yuan. Huai's High-tech area has become the capital of real development, a new and "double" industrial city. Create a zone.

Development of mountains

Agglomeration companies over a thousand

On March 22, 2018, Jiangsu Times Core Semiconductor Co., Ltd., with an investment of 13 million yuan, was finalized and launched in Huai's high-tech field. In recent years, Huai's High-tech Cities "Building a Development-driven Development Area in North Jiangsu, the Huaihe Ecological Ecosystem Area in Jiangsu Province" and "Democratic Development Cooperation for Regional Development" in the province of Jiangsu. "Park" 1 + 6 "The strategic design of the system and the city's integration of production have been the main focus, with more than 10 million projects, such as Dehuai Semiconductor and Jiangsu Times Core Deposit, which have now been in more than a thousand companies.

"The coordinated progress of time, the integration of space production, the functional distribution of design and the integration of industry," Huai's "High-tech Area" will create the core area, linkage and radiation field "three main cornerstones, and will lead to exploring the city's park . Collaborative development, integration and new development models, innovation and development of a "1 + 6" model with high-tech sites, as a basis and as six new industrial platforms. This model focuses on "the park, the main industry and the park's characteristics" in the development of development and development, and incorporates new cutting-edge industrial projects in high technology areas and injects new energy kinetic energy with the development of the linkage radiation.

New industrial city

The project is moving to great detail

The semiconductor industry is known as the "crown jewel in the electronic information industry" and the highest commander of the international competition is strategic. It is linked to the national security and national economy. There are several "Pearl" high-tech Huai.

Jiangsu Times Core Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Huai's High-tech Zone is China's independent intellectual property rights and one of the three major manufacturers of phase shift memory production technology. IBM Phase Change Technology (PCM) is the only Chinese company that has obtained patent, through development, Time Core has developed the only development and protection system for PCM in the field of intellectual storage. Technology has always been a leader and the project has fulfilled the project. Chinese research and development and memory production gaps.

The Dehuai Semiconductor Project, separated from Times Core, produces 240,000 units of 12-inch beds per year in the design and manufacture of independent chip sensors in China. 8 feet 12 inches in inches, production efficiency increased by 2.25 times, and the benefits of derivatives are even more durable.

From a traditional landscape to a new high-tech neighborhood, Huai's state-of-the-art technology is the leading "3 + X" industrial system, semiconductor information, intelligent equipment manufacturing, new and new energy vehicles, and core industry, innovation and technology it is enthusiastic. Focusing on content, new technologies, new industries, new models and new formats, they seek out ten thousand development goals, millions of projects, and more than 100 million sales, and are emerging as a leader in traditional industry and existing industries. The way to the developing world

Double generation field

Grasping core competitiveness

Public company, innovation. Dehuai semi-semiconductors at the factory office, in hundreds of offices, the workers in each position are busy and orderly. The company has 931 employees, including 17 doctors and 202 masters. In 2016, the Japanese Toshiba CIS Technology Group was created for Dehuai Company, which led to worldwide technical support. Currently, there are 55 Japanese workers, 16 of which are located in Huai, in research and development and in technical work. Dehuai has obtained 578 patent applications at the Intellectual Property Office of the State, 368 invention patents and 210 patent patents for use, and 106 authorized authority patents.

Talent is a key competitiveness. Huai & # …; The High-tech Town Hall carries out a selection of internal talents. In line with the idea of ​​"Break Identity, Archive Storage, Full-time Appointments and Performance Management", we will analyze the system for the reform of the personnel system and "set a reward incentive, error and correction payment system, and we will not be able to go in and out." District development injects new vitality. Focusing on accessing external talent. Focus on attracting more attractive political talent, promoting key companies, strengthening the close collaboration of "high schools"; Introducing talent to upgrade methods, implementing "marketing" talent and marketing, improving socialization and talent input services. The level helps to enter and cultivate "creative double" talents, to establish a mechanism for hiring talent and attracting investment, and promoting the integration of talent, intelligence and projects; Special activities, such as "selection graduates of university graduates" Huai, Huihuai and more talent for employment. Focus on technological innovation unit. To accelerate the construction of innovative carriers such as the Science and Technology Park of Zhengzhou and Zhongye Huiguu, promote scientific and technological innovation ecosystem, create "innovative resources", bring together innovative resources, and gather more talented and innovative teams. The strategy for the creation of excellent brands will be the main mission of science and technology innovation companies, and companies will be more focused on setting up "academic centers" with the academic research institutes and post-doctoral jobs. The German National Institute of Advanced Technology Research, Dehuai Imaging Technology Design and the R & D Center and the New York International Stock Technology Research Institute, is one of the leading international R & D platforms, with top foreign professional and technical personnel. It is an international student entrepreneurial park in the field of high technology. Rong Media reporter Li Rong

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