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Mourinho took Real Madrid and Lewin – Sports | She wants to submit to Chew Daily


The Polish striker Lewinowski is likely to play the Munich Bundesliga Bayern Munich in the Mourinho Real Madrid coach.

Polish striker Levindoski Bundesliga is Bayern Munich. (Photo: AFP)

(Warsday, seventh) 9th Polish media, Polish pole striker Lewinowski, at the Bundesliga Bundesliga, is probably one of the conditions for Mourinhok to be a coach in Real Madrid.

Ina, the renowned Spanish football reporter, said Ronaldo Ronaldo had passed away, Real Madrid's first line was weak, Binzma was shy and the other players did not meet. The newly signed Diaz will be responsible for consolidating the downtown area, and will then present the "Galaxy Battleship" striker. It has been revealed that Lewin introduced the demands of the important role of the Real Madrid team.

According to the report, according to the information revealed by Inda, Lewin presented that Mourinho could be one of the conditions proposed for returning to Madrid from Real Madrid to Florencia.

Earlier, as the Spanish media said, Mourinho was dismissed from Manchester United, he returned to Bernabéu, but he asked for help from the club, including a striker and central defense.

After completing La Liga's 18th round, Real Madrid scored 10 points in the old Barcelona opponent, ranked fifth in the fifth place and was the only center in Barcelona. (Xinhua News Agency)

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