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According to foreign media, the Earth's life is the only place that has existed until now, but it seems that the chemicals on the earth begin to accumulate in space. Recently, NASA astrophysicists have had a great success in the space simulation chamber space, and subsequent studies have found other sugars found on samples of meteorites.


Life is still a mystery in the earth, especially from the life of a living being. The current theory of current causes surface heat sources or deep sea hydrogen systems provide the right conditions and ingredients to feed a healthy lifestyle. However, there are still many solutions.

Another new meaning is that the earth's life cake is just "baked". The battler can be confused in space. This listens to the remote sound, but the evidence increases, for example, structures of water and compounds to live in meteorites and find signs of light in space and geometric shapes of sugars and molecules.

This new research now proves. The scientists at the Ames Research Center at NASA analyzed the possibility of DNA spatial space. To achieve this goal, the aluminum material was cooled to absolute zero and simulated deep space spaces in vacuum. Then, the vapor of water and methanol, the components of the radioelectric, added to the mix, and finally simulated the radiation from the star inside.

Depending on the temperature, the ice layer is formed on the surface of the aluminum material, but then it absorbs the hot ultraviolet rays. The group found 2-deoxyribose and many other sugars found in the study.


However, because important molecules can simulate deep space in the laboratory, this process does not necessarily occur in nature. To this end, the group analyzed some vermiculite carbon samples, as deoxysaccharides and alcohol were more easily explained. Unless some complex substances like 2-deoxyribose have been found, the team has said no more samples have been verified.

The discovery of these important molecules in meteorites helps explain the origin of Earth's life and increases the power of the universe to become widespread. "We still do not know where life is in the universe, but we are sure that the existence of building buildings is not a limiting factor," said Michel News, the first author of the research.

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