Monday , May 29 2023

NASA trivia finds bright Marsen objects: or for meteorites – Scientific Exploration – cnBeta.COM


According to foreign media, Mars is a dusty, so when it's a bright object, it will be particularly appealing. On Wednesday, NASA's curiosity team reported on the mission's blog that they have found a bright blue Marsen object. Obviously, the object of curiosity on Monday is called Little Colonsay, which looks like gold-colored gold.


Susana Schwenzer, a member of the team, wrote: "The project team could have a meteorite, which was very bright, but it looks like people are deceiving and evidence that came from chemical reaction."

Then, ChemCam on Curiosity will investigate Little Colonsay to determine a meteorite. If it becomes a meteorite, it will not be surprising that NASA's Opportunity has found a meteorite in Mars in 2008. A meteorite is the first time it was discovered on another planet. .

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