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Cecilia Cheung's third child was born yesterday, but the father's father's identity became a mystery. He says that his father's father is a 65-year-old from Singapore, but the Chinese media tells Cecilia Cheung that he had a rumor. 32-year-old Hong Kong's Liang Yifeng singer is the father of a child.

(Hong Kong, Beijing, No. 30) Cecilia Cheung's third child was born yesterday, but the father's father's identity became a mystery. He says the child's father is a 65-year-old from Singapore, but the Chinese media's Liang Yifeng 32-year-old Hong Kong singer, who passed the scandal of Cecilia Cheung, was a child's father, but was told by Weibo as the girlfriend of the suspect: "No rumors he's listening or not, "and comments are arrogant. : "Chong me, let me fire, do not engage my boyfriend!" According to rumors made by Cecilia Cheung for 25 years, Liang Yifeng was still very active in Weibo the same day. There was no stairs, and rumors were not broken.

Cecilia Cheung developed a relationship with Singapore's wealthy man this year at the beginning of the year and thus flies to Hong Kong and Singapore. With her husband she went to a private club, but her husband was really Nicholas Tse. He was free and he changed his place with his boyfriend.

Cecilia Cheung is known to avoid the noise of her birth, not only has "Shen Yin" avoided for many months, but also, when IG and Weibo were active social platforms, they erased all the old messages from their personal accounts. Sharing photos with both mothers and two children, it seemed to be bursting from the upper body and covering it, saying "trying to find a sister earlier". When typhoon mangroves hit Hong Kong in September, it rarely updated the social platform, but only back the photo loaded.

However, some people often show past messages and have a picture of a man playing in the pool. He is considered the "child dad".

(Photo: Archive photo)
Some netizens suffered from old postcards by Cecilia Cheung, who suspected that the man was a child's father. (Photo: Network photo)
(Photo: Archive photo)

In fact, when Cecilia Cheung's mother appeared in March, she recently mentioned her daughter's relationship. At that time, he reported that his daughter was "65 years old in Singapore". Although he was 27 years old, he would take care of it. However, Zhang Mama changed his mouth and said he was only the pursuer.

Business is not that small and it's compulsory. It is a shareholder in many of the chain restaurants in Singapore, one of which is operated. Cecilia Cheung's father travels to Singapore to present his boyfriend this year.

The secret marriage with the Menghua denies

On the other hand, Cecilia Cheung and He Menghuai's nine-year-old Taiwanese star workshops attended the reality of the "Goddess" of last year. They had a lot of interaction with both of them, and then expanded on Paris's new commitments. This year, two were married. Cecilia Cheung immediately announced that the statement was about wicked manufacturing and that the lawyer was paying. While Cecilia Cheung's love relationship with He Menghuai, He Menghuai also updated the Weibo PO text earlier and wrote: "It's so happy recently!" Likewise, the network allows you to add a lot of imaginary spaces. Cecilia Cheung has always wanted to be a daughter. He is said to have been born with a third child. Although it seems that the goal of children before 2018 seems to continue, it is still necessary to continue with the desire of the girl.

At the end of May, Cecilia Cheung participated in drama conferences and brand activities, both stupid and now pregnant.
Cecilia Cheung attended the show "Goddess" Choice reality last year, Men's El Menghuai, younger than 9 year old, who had a great deal of interaction with them, and then received new Paris engagements.

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