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New research has indicated that white dwarfs are not an endless star of life. The crystallization process slows the exothermic core – Science exploration – cnBeta.COM

A group of international astronomers have indicated that white dwarfs are not at the end of the stars, since the death of ancient stars will be "great cosmic crystals".of

The Exam Matter Detectors is based on the data collected by the European Framework Agency (ESA) to draw a three-dimensional map of the Milky Way. When the sun closes with a "hydrogen fuel" similar to the sun, it becomes red dwarf. After exhausting the carbon fiber of the dwarf star, the outer layer is gradually extinguished and the rest of the nuclei will be designated by white dwarf.


The "crystal" of the white dwarfs (Warwick University / Mark Garlick)

However, the change of the travel of the stars does not change from a red dwarf to a white dwarf.of

Over the Millennium, the stellar shell will continue to exotermy until it has cooled to about 10 meters up to now. At this point, the center of the star will begin to crystallize.

Before crystallization, atoms make up the core of the dwarf. Their electrons disappear, the electron gas & # 39; and leaving positively charged cores as fluid.

When a transition occurs, the highest distance of the stars is that the atoms form an ordered structure that is solid, similar to that of the liquid and ice water changes.of

Then the crystals of metal oxide are formed from the inside, and the external carbon mantle is reinforced.

The crystallization process will crash into stars, allowing them to extend in theory to two thousand millions. Fifty years ago, the forecast said that at the beginning of this transformation the release of a large number of unpredictable heat would be expected in the stellar body.

Because the life cycle of the Nano White is very clear, astronomers can use it as a tool to calculate the age group of nearby stars.of

The cooling process, as the crystallization slows down, makes the star look bigger.

Good news is that this new study improves the accuracy of astronomers to speculate on the age of white dwarf.

Together with the theme satellite, it includes parallax data,Dr. Dr Emmanuel Tremblay, a Department of Physics at the Warwick University, began a straightforward crystallization of white dwarfs.

The team selected 15,000 white dwarf candidates for less than 300 light Earth years, and then analyzed the brightness and color of the analyzer.

Some stars of color and splendor discovered a new model of evolutionary star.

This was published in Nature (NatureThe journal's research indicates that the first white dwarves are "liquids-transformed".of

The original title is:

Core crystallization and stack-up white dwarf evolves in the cooling sequence

The authors have pointed out that the only liberation of heat is not enough to justify observations.Dr Tremblay revealed that the lack of energy was revealed.

All white dwarfs will crystallize throughout the evolution, and higher quality will make the process faster. This means that our millennium white nan galaxy ended this process by forming a glass ball in space.

10 million years later, our sun has become a white dwarf.

[编译自:New Atlas , 来源:University of Warwick]

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