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New Wu Lei's New Spanish Club debuts Wu Lei: Looking forward to show strength –

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January 30, 2019 4:14 PM Source: Beijing Evening News Interact participation

New Window New Spanish debut of Wu Lei: showing strength in advance

In the afternoon of the 29th, when a Chinese international from Wu Lei arrived at Barcelona, ​​he participated in a press conference at the Spanish club. He said he hoped he would wait in the name of the team he played in the league as soon as possible. The reason for leaving the holiday high season is the realization of childhood dreams. "I want to show La Liga my strength".

In the press conference, Wu Lei dressed in the yellow shirt of the group and appeared at the top of the club. He sat down in the midst of the five companion of the band, known as "C bit." "I am very happy here. La Liga is a great challenge for me, thanks to the coach and club president, I know the image of a representative like Dani Huck and I was impressed by the city of Barcelona. I love hoping to see the love of fans here." Wu Lei laughed and said the first Spanish was the dominant language of "joining". Then the Catalan language "Spanish cheerleaders" said.

Wu Lei, 27, said that she had always dreamed of going to Europe. "I will be more mature when I am in today's age, I feel fit for training, competition and life, and I hope more. Chinese players may be in five European meetings." The international world wants Chinese players to appear in the European League's current law. This time I have a lot of pressure and motivation, but in general, I am still more motivated. "

When asked about what the team's team members want to destroy La Liga, Wu Lei said: "My goal is to start La Liga, the goal is a striker. It's not necessary to break the team's goal as much as possible, I saw a lot in Spanish matches. , but I always created the options. It's very good. "He also revealed that he had already consulted national team-mate Zhang Chengdong. The latter has been in Portugal and Spain. "I talked to Zhang Chengdong before quickly understanding the speed and speed of the La Liga. Since then, Spanish has to prevail."

To hear his shoulder injury, Wu Lei said he would do more inspections with team doctors. "Please do not worry, I will actively train and make the effort to present the best situation and to kick my strength in La Liga." Yes, Wu Lei can be described as an answer and that's why it's ready.

Immediately, Wu Lei slipped the seventh Spanish Spanish jumper and went to the club's pitch at El Pratera. Underneath the looks of the great number of fans, he showed the shot of the ball, and he made his feet, knees and heads in various ways. The Spanish team fans talked about the scene. "Two days ago I heard the name of Wu Lei. I did not expect to join today. I hope the team can help." Huang Zhiyang Reporter

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