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Nicholas Tse, Wu Yanzu, fills the "Feng Wei" challenges, and after 20 years he has completed the program – China Daily


Nicholas Tse, Wu Yanzu,

Friends get together to get warmth, making a dream come true with food. On Saturday night, at 22:00 a.m., Anmuxi satellite TV satellites will launch a gourmet Greek adventure. Nicholas Tse's "old friend" joins Wu Yanzu for the first time after 20 years of collaborative program. A two-day renovated restaurant, Qiqi, a Chinese-born girl, in Greek education, will play on the beach. "Speed ​​and leisure"; fishing in the sea to break "Feng Ting" "fishing charm", but also tri-fold and food-related shopping … The trip is very unknown unknown. In addition to sharing food and architecture, Nicholas Tse Wu Yanzuk also worked together to chat, talk about family changes, talk about men's transformation and "hot murder of memories".

Nicholas Tse, Wu Yanz was "an impossible mission". Two men came out of the sea to break "Feng Taste" "Fishing Magic".

At the end of "Little Eggs" at the first stage of "Feng Wei", "adventure" reveals Nicholas Tse's trip to Greece. In this episode, the first two had a beautiful beach and debut, focusing on "speed and passion", and a joke called "Uncle Dan, Uncle Nic" called "age". China's Chinese girl, Qiqi, with the desire to revive beautiful memories with friends, is challenging to upgrade "no three restaurants", without electricity, no kitchen utensils and no wood for three days. At the same time, we have to prepare dinner for at least five people. Although Wu Yanz understands architecture, Nicholas Tse will cook, but it is almost impossible in a short time.

To cook fresh ingredients, "Fisherman's Black Hole" Nicholas Tse and "fishing beginner" want to customize fishing for Wu Yanzu, and although some people unexpectedly "jump on the sea," it is necessary to break the show "can not catch the fish's curse". Nie Weifeng is also a process to buy seafood ingredients that are stronger than "fish". Buying two fishes, the market is full of seafood and goes to the sea for a kilometer in the market and it will arrive at the weekend to close the store, watching the sky is late, after several times the dinner has not yet settled. Furthermore, in the process of helping girls dream, it is a taste for local food. Wu Yanzuren anti-religionist Xie Weifeng has tried the real way of Qingkou and Xie Yufeng praised "interesting". Nicholas Tse also inspired the creation of a local landmark "Cream House", which would create special dishes for this dream dinner, and Wu Yanzuk also prepared specialty dishes.

Nicholas Tse makes a "surprise" for Wu Yanzu to re-accelerate the old boy-to-one transition

Apart from the support that the girl has had with the wonderful memories of dreams and food, Nicholas Tse and Wu Yanzu will be reviewing new years in those days. Nicholas Tse, his friend Wu Yanzu prepared a special "surprise". He produced mainly a short film that shot two people. They recalled both friends and family and dreams. They did not forget Feng Delun's confused friends. Variation, madness, and curiosity to enjoy life, touches and laughed.

In fact, much earlier than the show, Wu Yanzus took a picture of himself and Nicholas Tse repeatedly saying that they had a lot of feelings throughout his life. Feng Feng's trip offers a heartfelt relationship. It also allows the food to heal the power heals. It's a long-lasting friendship that has seen the good friendship between good friends.

Share food, share love! Can Nicholas Tse Wu Yanzuk "Fruit" spells fishing and caught the fish successfully? Can not a "restored restaurant" go smoothly? What are two interesting and hot stories? All unknown adventures are expected to answer on Saturday at 22:00 hours, and Zhejiang Satelite Television Emperor entertainment, along with Fengwei Holdings and Meizhuang Film, will bring forth a great showcase of "Feng Wei" outdoor food.

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