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Nine percent release first special businesses: male modeling _36 氪


Editor's Note:, author: Livia, 36 kripton authorized release: This article contains the number of micro-channels in the public domain "Music heraldo" (nakedmusic ID).

In the final issue of "Idol Trainee", Cai Xukun, Chen Linong, Fan Wei, Justin Huang Mingxi, Lin Yanjun, Zhu Zhengting, Wang Ziyi, Xiao Gui Wang Linkai and You Changjing were finally identified as NINE PERCENT members. At that time, it was not yet in the summer, and the scenes of teens who were crying in the scene were vivid. NESO PERCENT became a team within a year. During the season, as well as the recognition of many fans, the most common ones are:

"I'm still a group of people, there will be lots of words to buy for the album deposit …"

"Every day people can only see the design boards, I want to see it properly!"

"Day 123: Is NP now out of the box?"

After long, I am waiting, now at the beginning of the winter, "To The Nines" is finally available.

Ninth percent has launched its first special businesses: the new generation of men's groups model

"To The Nines": nine young men started sailing

In general, the concept of To The Nines is very powerful, it has seven songs. "Awesome 9%" is constantly on the brink of the group's "Innovative components" to make personal rules such as "Ei 喔 Ei 喔" and "Dance with the Dance", happy to spread energy … Whether it's a matter of work or not Story's wealth or story As for the whole, NINE PERCENT has given a very close response. Compared to the elderly, nine teenagers had more face than the previous face.

Ninth percent has launched its first special businesses: the new generation of men's groups model

"To The Nines" was published before, NIRE PERCENT has had doubts about the band's music for a long time. Captain Cai Xukun has said that everyone has dedicated a lot of time and energy to the album, and is willing to choose "slow work and fine work" rather than the release of the work.

Nowadays NINE PERCENT selection is undoubtedly recognized. From marketing data, "To The Nines" has earned over 8 million outputs of QQ music, cool dog music, cool music and microphone music before selling it before November 9.

Ninth percent has launched its first special businesses: the new generation of men's groups model

With regard to the music of this album, the album tracks rock, lyric R & B, retro disco and many other styles like NINE PERCENT faces.

Among them, "The Innovators", called "The Turtle Shell", is a fast-paced, power-conscious one. The well-known poets Wu Yiwei and members formed a font creation, emphasizing the positive attitude of new generations to innovation and the courage to face dangers. Participants took part in MV design in the dark, photo wall and other attractive elements, combining it with NINER PERCENT compilation binders. The visual meaning is strong, it's easy to do a deep memory.

Ninth percent has launched its first special businesses: the new generation of men's groups model

Another good song by Good Song, produced by Veraan, is another NINE PERCENT essay. In this slow song, the fans clearly distinguish the letter that comes out, emphasizing the characteristics of the voice of the partners.

And the song "To The Nines" may also be a small epitome on the album: the album has several styles, features various features, fans can showcase different characters. How to subtly integrate. And this is also the favorite of the greatest group of men.

Gypsophila Sutara: NINE PERCENT and its nine people

When the group did not exist, NINE PERCENT members had different activities in different areas and achieved excellent results. The top sponsors of the top home platforms have successfully analyzed their business value and business ability in the market.

In the case of business cooperation, many brand names with many consumers must also be made, although this group of youngsters has many awards. For example, Cai Xukun maintains the Yangshengtang mask and X23 accelerator. Chen Linong Shiseido Waso Gaza Day and series, Yanyang is the new summer series. Prince Schwarzkopf (Fisers) is a spokesman … There is also an individual group. Co-branding as a "small group", like You Changjing, Lin Yanjun and Prince Yi, together serve as Tmall Wonders, and so on.

Fashion and entertainment are not distinguished, and NINE PERCENT, along with a loyal fans team, is often a visitor to several magazines. Captain Cai Xukun appeared in six magazines, including "Red Exposure", "Feraro" and "ELLE". Fan Yi and Wang Zi "Fashion COSMO" and "Cover-edited characters, for example, small-middle class CHIC.

Ninth percent has launched its first special businesses: the new generation of men's groups model

On the one hand, the members of the team have successfully smashed the faces of the market audience. On the other hand, NINE PERCENT has also demonstrated the variety of "Happy Camp", "Everyday" and "Run" shows. The quality of the first male and the positive energy of the young artists of the 95's.

Returning to Aidou's place, in front of NINE PERCENT's "To The Nines", members have made a lot of music attempts. For example, Cai Xukun made a solo solo EP, "1", "Wait Wait Wait", with strong accord and sound. The new song list, known as the index list, has been blocked by ten continual fever in continental fever. The list of songs is the first and four times in a row has won the new song of the Asian list.

Ninth percent has launched its first special businesses: the new generation of men's groups model

Another member of the Yu Changjing group is aimed at television and television musicians. "Ao Red Dust" from the "Fujian" series sang the song OST and "Ying Qing Qing" song song and continues in the new Chinese song. "Nawuke's collaborative scene" "Towards the North" was a success in confirming the strength of the singer.

The music released by members of various fields feels like the fans and fans of the group "many people and a lot of colors". This is especially important for To The Nines. In the last six months, if they allow professional music career to be freely developed, album producers have worked hard to bring together music aesthetics and personality, and they will soon know which markets they want to sing and sing. .

AIN PERCENT is a randomized attempt at NINE PERCENT combination. They are also a multi-entity company and a capital operation and game.

New generation mode Analysis of the League of Males Youth

Undoubtedly, "Idol Trainee" is a phenomenon of variety, and NINE PERCENT is also a public eye in this stage. However, although the starting point is a new generation of bundled men, there are several operational difficulties.

For now, the training mode for the male team is four months. Aidou Century is a member of various companies and packaging operations that are completely different to make a headache. WHEN THE PERCENT has been established, the members have formed a transition from team members, but the company has different arrangements for the development of the artist and the workdays are adjusted for a week.

Ninth percent has launched its first special businesses: the new generation of men's groups model

Aidou Century did not take the method to accelerate the work of the time of the group, but he respected the members' self-esteem in a high-quality stage. In the previous interview, NINE PERCENT gave three or four months to prepare "To The Nines". In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the group, the rest or the late members of the business will be able to do so as late or late as possible.

Without a doubt, it requires time and cost to work for a limited group of men. Aidou Century made this design and got the consensus of NESO PERCENT: Eternal and strong is not known, but it works. In the male market, which seems saturated and whitish, rapid success will disappear.

Earlier, Chen Yuetian, a 85-year-old investor invested in SNH48 and original paintings, said: "A male and male star is larger than an actor, but why did not the group of men go out? Because they did not do it all."

Ninth percent has launched its first special businesses: the new generation of men's groups model

So what is the right male team that meets the ideas of the people? Aidou's business ability must be literate, it must seek balance in the love of the bean and business exposure; It must be a state of the art of avant-garde, but it must also be music and stage, the male team is "the most important". word.

NINE PERCENT, a young male team, gradually increases the expectation of the public for the ideal home team of men.

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