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Olympic champion He Zi bought a house that was banned and won a loss of 1.6 million yuan –


The Olympic champion was a ban on buying Zen Zen's house and earning 1.6 million yuan.

Due to the delay in the purchase of the house, the real estate license has not been submitted. The court requested that the seller cancel 700,000 and be compensated for 1.6 million yuan.

Before the wedding I wanted to buy a wedding room. Unexpectedly, the other parties did not have a real estate license because they transferred their own home. The Olympic diving champion, Zi Luk, will sell the owner's owner to Mr Luo's court and ask the other parties to repay the deposit and compensate for the economic loss. Yesterday morning, Beijing Chaoyang Court remarked the case and asked both parties to cancel the purchase contract. The seller returned 700,000 yuan to the stock and compensated for 1.6 million yuan.

According to He Zi, in January 2016, He Zi and Mrs. Luo signed a "sales contract" at Laiguangying Township, in the Chaoyang District, Beijing. The contract was hired: Mrs. Luo asked the house of He Cri for a price of 8.25 million yuan and He Zi had to pay a deposit of 700,000 yuan. At the same time, the contract also states that in this case the property ownership certificate has not yet been obtained. Estimated time of purchase is April 2016. The exact time depends on the actual handling of the development and construction unit. Once the house has obtained the certificate of ownership of the house, the seller will have to register a property transfer according to the Contract, the buyer and the recipient.

Zifang said that after signing the contract, he fully and adequately complied with his contractual obligations, and Mrs. Luo demanded about 700,000 yuan. At the same time, He Zi also sold a house in the Apple community to prepare for Baizon Bay's homeowners' payments. However, Mrs. Luo has done so far in communications, the other party has always said ownership qualification certificates are in the process of handling. In the end, it is clear that the certificate of the owners of the house is not obtained due to personal reasons, since it can impede the transfer of ownership of the house. For this reason, Zi was the vendor, Mrs. Luo, who was taken to the court and asked the other party to return the deposit and to pay the economic loss.

Regarding the prosecution, a vendor Luo said that he had bought houses in the case of bank loans through the sale of ordinary commercial real estate in August 2012. On December 24, 2013, the developers left the house. According to the contract clause in the "Contract for the Private Housing Contract", I considered the certificate of ownership of the property received after 1278 within a period of "2016". The registration of property rights can be completed before one month. "

However, Luo said that after signing a "contract of sale" in the "Certificate" contract, in January 2016, the housing bank settled the loan settlement. The same year, the developer requested the transfer of ownership of the property. During the accident, the developer informs the CCB that the information submitted by the computer on its own was not compatible and could not manage the registration of the ownership rights of the home. Mrs. Luo said the accident that occurred during the execution of the contract could not be previously controlled. He said he was willing to return the deposit, but he did not agree to compensate.

Yesterday morning, the Chaoyang Court publicly stated the case. The court proved why the housing was not a reason for applying for a certificate, because Mrs. Luo did not have the right to purchase a home.

The court complained about the "sale contract", because Luo I could not get a real estate certificate for his reasons, which prevented the sale contract after the two parties interrupted the following conflicts. The defense argues that the "sale contract" can not be subject to subjective and unforeseen circumstances. However, along with the review of the court, Mrs. Luo did not get the title to buy a house in Beijing in 2012 when she bought this house if the contract was violated. Finally, the court ruled that both parties "canceled" the Beijing Stock Housing Sale Contract "on January 9, 2016, and Mrs. Luo returned 700,000 yuan for Education, and was 1.6 billion yuan. Text / reporter Feng Lingyu

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