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On the ice, An Xiangyi, the glory behind pain – Chinanews


3 year old slipper flower star's chair at the 12-year-old ice industry championship

An ice flower, An Xiangyi, behind the pain

On 29th December 2019, Harbin's ice base witnessed the glory of An Xiangyi in 12 years. In Harbin's National Skating Championship, in a single slave show, Xiangyi scored 66.92 points in a new set of actions. At that moment, the ice rink was like rain of soft toys. It was an blessing of An Yingyi, a small ice fan waiting for the game.

Five years before the start of the championship, An Xiangyi was just 12 years old, but despite the glory of the girl's great difficulty and the previous National Flower Slip Grand Prix champion, she was influenced by women in China. It also has many fans.

For Beijing orange-orange children, especially when they went into the game to buy toy toys. In the game, Chen Hongyi was thrown out and An Xiangyi was thrown out. When I saw the results of Xiangyi when I saw it, my handwriting hand was holding my doll in hand and the children were excited.

After a brief contest of the program, because there were too many gifts, the signature book was excessive, fans were very enthusiastic, and Xiangyi was listening and everyone knew about it. According to Beiqing Daily's reporter, in addition to the game's observation, fans continue to follow Anxiangyi's support, following the growth of a 12-year-old girl on the Internet.

From home, An Xiangyi has left past glory. While your performance is under review, it is more sophisticated for age and age. "The score is a little water, I am very impressed," said Xiangyi. "Due to my foot injury, the difficulty was reduced, three weeks after three weeks later."

12 years of age and injured, that is, irrelevant key words, from An Xiangyi's point of view, this is common. "It was a few days before the game, when I slipped two and a half weeks, I changed my foot again the same as the second injury. Was it closed? No, I took it."

Xiangyi said he was not injured for the first time ankle. In the first Winter Games of Beijing this November, this year, he joined An Xiangyi in the lever's ankle but won the Beijing Winter Games. After a month of injury to the league, his ankle was still very painful when he jumped.

"You can only jump a week and the jump is a whole week painful. Just like a jump of ice three weeks, the legs will go down immediately." An An Xiangyi description also confirmed by his father An Longhe. "These two accidents, at the time of catching the game, was not a complete rest and treatment. Children can not eat hard."

With an ankle impossible, An Xiangyi still fights for a short program. "This is a new action, the first time to slide a strange chance," said An Xiangyi. "However, action is a complete action slipdown". It's not down, only three and two-week-olds jumped. Throughout my whole process, my psychological training has taken a good look. "Freestyle, the Xiangyi wins the semifinals, scored 113.69 points and scored 180.61 points.

Ankle injuries are a great deal for any 12-year-old boy, but An Xiangyi, of course, is "a child of another person." Moreover, it is more unpleasant than to show the difficulty and beauty of a new set of new movements. "My new movement was created by a renowned French professor, Sakamoto Hanori was choreographed with the Japanese star, and thanks to the American sister, he made some improvements at the pace and in the twist, he added elements of modern dance and was sad, emotions, this time you can see my performance, Something different from before. "

Also, there is also a new contest contest, An Xiangyi said, "Made in France." "The shirt is very beautiful, it's a French set of clothes and choreographies, which is a whole set of French packaging, it feels very damn." As Xiangyi makes sad, he can not jump without jumping. High scores "I can not get the points I got to get."

In one of Ireland's competitions, An Xiangyi played a perfect performance, but the difficulty of scoring failed to compete with Liang Shu in Hong Kong, the second being ranked 180.61 points. An Longhe said he did not apologize, he said that the spirit of his daughter's struggle is amazed. "I did not think it could be so powerful and two naked sets of action."

At 3 years old, An Xiangyi was going to eat this ricecress. His father was An Longhe, a Chinese celebrity in China. In 1997, An Longhe transformed his floral skateboarder. He was the principal coach of the National Flower Slip in Thailand and took part in four continents, including the Winter Games of Asia, the World Games Championship, the Grand Prix, and so on. competition

Established at Century Star Skating Club, Ann's coach returned to China as the first club coach. In Christmas of 2006, An Xiangyi was born. Under the leadership of coaches and slippermakers, An Xiangyi went to the ice rink for 3 years.

An Longhe said 90% of his students are interested and will not return to professional development. With regard to academic and physical examinations, three or four classes a week. Ann has long trained and competed in Thailand and the United States. After explaining his teaching philosophy, Ann's coach said he would help them achieve fair goals and feel the project's professionalism and beauty.

But An Xiangyi apparently "forced" it. My father worked at Century Star Ice Arena. The other parents who helped the children in school watched a Xiangyi jumping from one morning to the other on the ice rink, jumping for two weeks or three, stepping on and off, falling or falling again and again. With ice skates or the body, the effect of ice.

According to her parents, her mother is training Xiangyi An, and her demands are higher. The scene also heard that mom An Xiangyi said: "Are you still a world champion?" Xiangyi cried out and practiced it again when he said "think". "This competition is also nice," said An Longhe.

In the previous conversation, the girl always said "there was no talent". Perhaps this is "tag", Xiangyi can use more training and effort to exchange current achievements and glory. Now, Xiangyi has not been able to take three weeks of ice for three weeks in the car and Axel has been able to perform many jumps in two weeks and three weeks to promote his sliding skills and performances. Li, An Xiangyi also gave classes in rhythmic gymnastics and ballet. Xiangyi also won the free, circles and triathlon championship in the pre-junior B group of Zhongling Kart art.

In order to receive floral design, art and dance training, Xiangyi has completed class studies to class class studies and hired home tutors to move forward. The world outside, in general, praises Anxiangyi for his achievements, even if the potential of the child has been released.

An Longhek has said it is essential that children watch the ankles after the game. Previously, the film was featured on the Military District's General Hospital, showing the damage to the ligament and the ankle. Before, there were acupuncture and physiotherapy. After this contest, I will go back to the doctor.

For the future flower-slip of Xiangyi, Anlonghe said that the outside world will not wait too long. Previously, An Xiangyi confirmed that Beijing Olympics in Beijing could not participate in the 2022 at the age of 16. While An Xiangyi continues in 1926 while still pursuing the Winter Olympics in 2026, he has seen too many players, gains weight after development, does not have enough muscle strength and level. "Nini is now 1 meter 4 and has no weight. Difficult moves are good, but no one wants to say anything after development, so we try to keep a low profile and try to slowly train."

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