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Owen intends to reach 35 years of age, a hope for more body resemblance and resonance – NBA Wide Angle –


2018-11-24 07:00:38 Source: NBA wide angle

Original title: Owen said that he was expected to be 35 years old, taking on a body adventure and hoping for more resonance.

Peking time on November 24, the US media reported that Celtics joined Hawks today, the star of the Green Army, Kerry Owen, said he expects he was 35.

Vince Carter, about 42, can still help with the NBA and still can. Only this week, Carter got 25,000 tracks. Owen said: "I will not play forever as Carter (laughter), or not. I do not want to play once I do not play, but I hope that I'm 30-35."

Owen is 26 years old and has played Raptors on Saturday. His personal career totaled 10,000 points. "I like basketball," said Owen. "But it creates all the add-ons". Personally, it does not matter. I enjoy the game, enjoy my teammates and enjoy every day. "Life. Being an NBA player has always had my dream from the child, so I like to play basketball and I like basketball."

Owen has told NBA players what they do every day. "I do not mean too much detail, but I hope that every day we do some more resonate," said Owen. "We take risks and take stress every day. We want to make it easier than yesterday. These are expensive. I'm ready to win the championship and succeed to make the most of sacrifices."

Owen is currently not a good partner at Al Horford. Due to knee injury, Green Army will play Hawks. "We have been facing knee injuries and has been in the last few weeks. It's part of the season," said Horford. "I do not want to miss more games, but we need to look more and more far away."

Owen played 17 games this season, 32.9 minutes. 22.4 points, 6.4 support, 4.9 rebounds and 1.8 wins.

The current Green Army record has won 9 and 9 losses in the eighth position in the East.Go back to Sohuera and see more

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