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Peng Shuai will play a net card against Australia's Yu Xiaodi Zhang Xuan with Li Wei – Netease Sports – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-30 18:05:12 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sports announced on November 30:

2019 Australian Foreign Card continued in Zhuhai. Chinese champions Zhang Xing and Li Wei entered the quarterfinals of the third quarter and with their hands went to the semi final. The female singles Peng Shuai and Yu Xiaodi have achieved great success in the semifinals. However, Jiang Xinyu / Tang Qianhui won a semifinals seed of double head females in the semifinals and lost to the finals.

Peng ShuaiPeng Shuai

China's only male, Zhang, lost two games, winning 6-1 from Sinclair in Northern Mariana Islands, and finishing half-finals. Sinclaire wins champion Wu Di cyclist. Zhang Zhe won 4-0 and then swallowed Sinclaire, but Zhang took the first two games. After the second set, the advantage of the game was 5 innings. Sinclair won in the 6th place of the game. Eventually a game point save, Zhang Xingmai slowed down temporarily. The rhythm of the victory.

In another match, Li Wei was in position 3 in South Korea, Zheng Yunsheng scored a score of 6-4 points.

Peng Shuai, the number of women's single seed, passed three tests, and lost 6-3, 5-7, 6-0 lost Wang Xinyuk lost Taylor-Apis to Babu New Guinea. Peng Shuai and other Gold Lore Yu Xiaodi will be in the semifinals. Yu Xiaodie played 7 games. The first 4-3 wins Gaio automatically promoted the opponent's injury.

Jiang Xinyi / Tang Qianhui doubles the seed has lost ten victories and Zhang Kaiqi lost the Chinese Taipei combination. The double-headed man Gong Maoxin / Zhang Xuansheng won a strong match against India.

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