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Personality is always changing, not forgotten at the beginning of the heart, the queen known, Cai Yilin, after returning 4 years after the return – China News Net – Hanfeng Net


05-20-2015 5:13:18 PM Source: China News Net on December 5, 2014 "呸" "PLAY", set a global theme and created a classic Chinese pop music. Asian pop star Jolin Tsai Jolin's four-year album "Ugly Beauty" will be 12 years old. The final of the month has been released. He has today released the digital album Tencent Music Entertainment, QQ music, cool dog music and cool music platform on December 26. The latest record emerges from certain phenomena that emerge from society's perspective. At this time, new jobs are returned to the internal level. With self-contained self-consciousness and constant self-exploration, Jolin Tsai embraces and obscures the dark and ugly face. The comments I get is wonderful. Jolin Tsai explains the "feeling" and "view" of man through the "emotion" and "desire" theme of "Ugly Beauty", breaking and defining a secular dichotomy between beauty and ugliness.

In the last two years, Jolin Tsai, who is interested in psychology, has begun to embrace the inner world and explore himself through Jung's psychologist's book. Jolin Tsai said: "I made a percent rate, I will pity myself. I think I am a person worthy of special mention." And this groping process unexpectedly found that Jolin Tsai tried to test a hundred pennies and "I could not I've "tried, always neglected negative power negation and forget about love. Through this excavation process, "Ugly Beauty" was born into the new album. Jolin Tsai said: "For me, UGLY's face is part of emotion. When you start to face, your opinion is very beautiful, more love and empathy, you will have to make the decision. It's not easy to criticize yourself and criticize others." Jolin After the ongoing debate and understanding of Tsai's new album, he has often "deleted and tried" album production processes. The new album has a full record and presents Jolin Tsai's "familiar" journey. "Flu", "vision", also Jolin's singing career, the most "honest" album.

Why is it an album called?[Ugly Beauty]? The so-called Ugly Beauty, besides seemingly beauty and fear, also mentions two psychological psychological poles. What does Jolin Tsaik mean: when opening the atrium, discovering the inner darkness of the heart, identifying them, and identifying everyday prototypes are different and different. Little by little the negative forces will not be swallowed and they will learn together to understand and understand the need. And empathy is to be understood as calling evil styles. The next time you see each other, you can understand and treat it, it might not be so harmful.

Jolin Tsai opened the album collection and created a musical writing campaign with a new creative way. He took part in the group of musicians and created the song "Ugly Beauty". Jolin Tsai personally created a collective "bubble" studio studio. Going to Bangkok in Taipei, and also the Stockholm expedition, with the musician writers of these cities, almost 100 transnational musicians had experience. This week, interesting interaction processes for musicians from different regions of the studio, not only inspired by Cai Yilin's self-esteem, broke the creative strength of Cai Yilin. The new album created six songs in a breath. The new album "Ugly Beauty" will listen to the creative mode created by Jolin Tsai for the first time and will also play "Creativity" and "The Creative of Jolin Tsai". Jolin Tsai said: "In the process of free creation, I studied the voices I moved, and I worked with different creative fields, giving a lot of propulsion, making music discussions together, indicating the words you want. Not only is it fun and fun, all the works They feel like me. "

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