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Premier League Sanhaomen Comments: Tottenham Deep Difficulties Manchester City Two Positions Worry_Liverpool

Original title: Premier League Sanhaomen Comments: Tottenham's deep difficulty Manchester City's two worst positions are disturbing

During the Boxing Day game, the Premier League made some modifications to the championship contest. With 5-0 victory over Bournemouth victories, Manchester City lost to Leicester City. Thus, Tottenham passed Manchester City and reached the second position in the Premier League standings. In Christmas, the Premier League title has gradually become clear, leading Liverpool 6 points ahead of Tottenham ahead, 7 points ahead of the third Manchester City. And in the fourth place, Chelsea and Liverpool changed their point by 11 points, perhaps Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham will be the first season of Liverpool. It can be said that the Premier League title has been moved from the previous Manchester City to Liverpool double doubling Liverpool, Manchester City, and Tottenham's three-legged relationship. Sohu Sports also analyzed three teams. Advantages and disadvantages.

Liverpool (19 points, 19 points)

advantages:Liverpool has many great players such as Salah, Fermino, Mane, Shaqiri, Sturridge and Origui. In fact, Liverpool did not disappoint his offensive fans. 43 matches won 19 games. Of course, Liverpool is more exciting than defense, Liverpool has scored 7 goals this season. Van Dyck plays Liverpool's defense line. Little Redknapp also praised the Dutch media in the face of Terry, Ferdinand and Vidic as a combination of three legendary guards. At the same time, Liverpool goalkeeper worldwide, Allison, the Brazilian goalkeeper, has also used his performance in this season to overcome Reina to obtain the best Premier League in Liverpool. At the same time, Arnold, Joe Gomez and Robertson also won the season.

disadvantages:The biggest mistake in Liverpool is that there is no midfield midfielder in the world. Liverpool has great players from the front and the bottom, but in the middle of the field, Reds has no special players. Maybe Liverpool only saves Milner, Fabian, Lallana and other players in the center. These players play only as a player. Kloppen Group is still suffering a serious injury. It can be said that after cutting off the interplay between the intermediate and the opponent, it is difficult to open the gap against Liverpool through the creative midfielder. At the same time, the Liverpool bank is also a problem. If Salah and Fermino were injured a little, Sturridge and Oriji could be able to fill gaps in one or more months? Perhaps fans have feared a positive response.

Star player:Van Dick. After obtaining Van Dyck, Liverpool's final defense performance improved a lot. Klopp also praised Van Dyck in an interview with the media. From Klopp's point of view, Van Dyck used his force to cast 75 million pesetas.

Winter window view:Klopp's team does not have to be under control, but Plysic, Liverpool still has a lot of interest. In Dortmund's training, Klopp was very popular with American teenagers and he appreciated. However, Plišic won the success of Liverpool is not so easy. In the end, Chelsea also looked at the American teenager.

Tottenham (19 rounds 45 points)

advantages:Tottenham has a good coach and, of course, he has a very good team. In fact, Spurs has good players. Especially for offensive lines, Kane shooter is quite reliable and will be provided by Ali, Eriksson, Sun Xingyu and Lucas. For all these four creative players are very important, and Lamera Pochettino is a good substitute. In the last two matches, Tottenham has scored 11 goals and casts a strong attack. At the same time, under Pochettin's training, today's Tottenham has become more mature, more and more generally, they have played a horrible spirit in the field, they are not afraid of strong conversation. Their abuse of food is also stable, perhaps today's Tottenham does not have much trouble.

disadvantages:Alignment depth In the starting line-up, Tottenham can overcome any league team. However, Tottenham has also ruled out a problem that is not enough for the bank. Pochettino does not take much choice. At the beginning of the season, the 9-person Spurs team had run out of the World Cup. 14 people were "asleep" on the list of injuries, and Tottenham was very passive. Due to lack of training depth, Pochettino can only touch the inside of the youth campaign for opportunities for young players. For lovers, this move would be very popular. Recently, Skip has become another beneficiary of Pochettino's promotion of young players, but competing for the Premier League titles requires more experienced players.

Star player:Kane. The England striker is one of the most crucial players of the Premier League and is getting better and better. Indeed, along with Kane, Asia's brother Sun Xingyu gradually began to play in two games.

Winter window view:The president of Tottenham is Levi's economic and pragmatic operator. In the transfer market, Levi is well-known as it is known that the prices will not be higher for players, so that things like winter transfer windows would happen again. Normally, Tottenham will silence the next month's transfer window. In fact, one thing is also very evident, that is, did Tottenham not register in the summer transfer window, will they have a "big shot" in the winter window? This problem is also negligible.

Manchester City (19 points, 44 points)

advantages:Guardiola was a leader, Manchester City has a solid brand with Guardiola, and today Blue Moon has strong players. This season, the Manchester City firepower is completely open, with 50 goals in the Premier League, the blue moon is a favorite for many people in the three districts. In the case of attackers like Agurekin, Sanne, Sterling, Mahrez, De Braune, David Silva, Bernardo Silva and Jesus, Manchester City is attacking. End talent is enough to frustrate any opponent. In front of the most important gaming companies, Manchester City has won third place in the Premier League, the probability of winning the championship is greater than Liverpool.

disadvantages:In the case of an offensive team, it is very rare to ask for a line depth. However, Manchester City must be in a single position and left. To get injured on the mountain next February, Delf is in the left position and has a good game. However, losing this Leicester City road, Delf was sent away with Manchester City. It can be said that Guardiola can not find the right solution in that position, the Manchester City interview will be stronger in the future. Manchester City is a midfielder of Manchester City. Manchester City is not a real substitute for Fernandinho, and accessing Brazilian and Central position is very important for attacking Manchester City. Their teammates can play the spot as offensive. If Fernandin does not play, Manchester City will be very passive.

Star player:Aguer This season, he is based on the Manchester City command before the judge of Aguero. In the end, Jesus can not give Agero stability.

Winter window view:Manchester City will present a Fernandinho substitute in the winter window? Of course, this place is Manchester City coach, Guardiola expects to strengthen this summer. Of course, Manchester City is very much hoping to get the Mendi kick off the door.

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