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President Yao speaks! We are very pleased, but Zhou Qi was not able to register for this season to return to CBA. All in all, this season, that is, it's a great sport.

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Original title: President Yao speaks! We are very close, but Zhou Qi has not registered. CBA can not be refunded this season.

On January 12, during the CBA interview with All Star Starend, Yao Ming, the president of the Chinese Basketball Association, said that Zhou Qi could not play any part of the CBA team this season.

"The pre-enrollment method was formulated more than a year ago and foreign players are also able to return to China during the season, which is also a transition policy and we will move forward in a more standardized and flexible direction."

"In that regard, Zhou Qi was not pre-registered. According to our regulations, this season he will not be able to participate."

"But we are also closely linked, national players must be in a state of play in order to play the 2019 World Cup, but it is a realistic dispute, at this point the CBA League has the norm, we must go."

"Another point, because Ding Yan Yuhang has been a pre-inscription, that is, if he returns to the season again, he can play it".

In the recruitment of the Liaoning team, Zhou Qi said he is still hoping to return to the NBA fight.

"It's still communicating in the U.S., but it's just basic communication. After all, it's still in the middle of the season. Suddenly it's sudden. We're still waiting for news."Go back to Sohuera and see more

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