Saturday , January 23 2021

QFII fee doubled again

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First financing2019-01-14 22:09:58

Presentation: Industry believes that opening up to the financial industry in China has accelerated. The total amount of QFII will be doubled to facilitate foreign investors, invest in the internal market, especially the A-share market.

QFII fee doubled again

SAFE now declares that the QFII of qualified institutional investors invested in US $ 150 million and $ 300 million. In this regard, the industry believes that the opening up of China's industrial financing has accelerated. The double QFII doubling will help foreign investors invest in financial markets, especially the A-share market.

The data show that the Chinese market A market value has reached $ 5.65 trillion worldwide, and the home bonds market has been $ 12.3 trillion. This is very attractive for foreign investors. As A shares are included in MSCI and FTSE Russell Index, foreign equity will also increase. QFII is one of the main channels for foreign investors investing in financial markets.

A researcher at the Wang Yifeng Minsheng Bank has said China has doubled its QFII fee if its current share is not used or MSCI may increase the demand for foreign investors to assign Chinese stocks. Last year, when opening the debt market, there could be another room to stabilize the exchange rate.

The data show that domestic capitalization of foreign households and private equity accounts for $ 189 million, 2.4% of the total market value of all shares. It should be noted that the regulatory authorities set up the QFII system in 2002 and the QFII fee increased five times. At the same time, from 2016 to 2018, the Foreign Exchange State Administration has made major changes to the management of QFII exchange management, to improve cautious management, to reduce shipping ratios, to block blocking requirements and to exchange QFII asset values ​​for coins. Coverage, etc. Foreign investors were facilitated by investing in financial markets through QFII channels.

Editor: Luo Wei

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