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Read "Knowledge", wigs have a low impact on Zhao Liying's value – unrelated information

At the end of the year before I said, the entertainment became a star. I did not expect the film industry to support failure. Since "good rivers and rivers" had obtained good results, another large IP drama was launched at noon. ~ Yes, they all expect "I do not know whether they should be greens, fats and thin."

The show was on Christmas Eve on the 25th, four episodes played yesterday, and the current ratings are not bad.

This is Zhao Liying's second great drama this year, and Feng Shaofeng is still the first show after the wedding. According to this score, Zhao Liying will be the queen of this year's qualification.

"Knowledge" is 73 sections (fear not afraid, Xiao Xiao also thinks this episode is terrifying) and is now only updated to fourth section. Let's understand a product as soon as possible.

The novel of "Knowledge" is the novel of the same name adapted to the chaos of concern. The original novel is about the Yao Yiyi civil court, which was born in Shengfu, Miss Sheng Minglan, born in Shengfu. After passing through ancient times, Yao Yiyi (also called the Sheng Minglan drama version) was initially negative, but under pressure from all, Yao Yiyi was standing up.

The novel "Knowledge" is especially popular with readers and has always been a classic territory.

In a time when there is a mansion, "Dajiang River", a popular struggle and factory battle, "Knowledge" has come home, everyone seems to be a "struggle".

"Knowledge" drama version removes the indirect element and directly tells the story of Sheng Minglan. He tells the story of the breeding, love and marriage through the bureaucratic family girl Minglan. Sheng Minglan became the legend of the inspired houses of the family under the old ethics system. This is roughly the main argument of the novel.

The first section began when Ming was a child. His mother, Wei Xiaoniang, was three smaller and the family's lowest position. Even if the carbon lock was burnt in winter, it would be removed.

Although the home of Wang Da Niangzi is the tallest home in the family, Lin Xiao Niang is the second most heartfelt and has a great master, and the card is also in his hand. Three-room charcoal and food will be reduced to two rooms, but Wei Xiaoniang brings the risk of a home and always says it. Although pregnant, her best will not do anything.

I did not expect the heating of the charcoal I did not want. To help someone feel comfortable, Wei Xiaoniang drew out his own and got out. Xiao Minglan renounced it, and these charcoal blocks made it possible to use a kitchen to exchange charcoal.

It can be seen that, at that time, he was married to a wealthy and pregnant family, who would be exclusively treated.

On the same day, Yuan Jiate, Tokyo Zhongqin Earl, was hired at Shenglan, the eldest daughter Hualan, but he did not personally go to Yangzhou, but Yuan Wenchun was the eldest son.

Everyone looks at the boy who knows the circle. Gu Tingyu (that is, when Feng Shaofeng plays a child), and presumably Kim Soo Hyun is a Korean actress.

Ok, let's go to the business and know what to do.

Shengjia Scorpion singer, Changfeng, is ignorant, and the white scorpion is likely to lose more than the cashier's bucks.

Suddenly, Minglan worked his pot and cats. He defeated that day and saved his sister's wife.

Later, when Ming Lan sent him to his father, his father looked at Wei Xiaonian.

Sheng later went to Wei Xiaoniang, when he felt cold in the houses of Wei Xiaonian, Wei Xiaoniang began to persuade him to return home, trying to keep coal from home. However, Minglan really warned his mother, and her father cried out and said that there was no charcoal in the house.

Ming Lanek told Sheng Shengi they were detained yesterday.

Ming Lan also said that Sheng Sheng food is often lacking, but Wei Xiaoniang has hidden his status.

Sheng Hao immediately went to the Lin Xiaoniang question, and Lin Xiaonian argued that Wei Xiaoniang had never been arrested.

Lin Xiaonian, about Lin Xiaoniang, said that she had donated two or two poultry money each month to care for Wei Xiaonian.

The passions of Lin Xiaoniang, little intelligence, almost all believe.

Sheng Sheng sent a thorough investigation and removed the examples they had uncovered in Lin Xiaoniang's Xiaodie girl's personal room.

Wei Xiaoniang argued for Xiaodie, but Shengyu did not believe that Wei Xiaoniang discouraged and Sheng and Wang were in Xiaodie. Sheng Sheng did not want to do much, he took Xiaodie.

Unexpectedly, the subject of the Sheng family was not well-managed, suddenly Sheng Changbai was beaten.

The official said Sheng Sheng was asked by Yuan Wenchun to see the grown-ups and was missing out on him, because he was the son of Ningyuan Houfu, a Tok Tingyi Tokio, because of the comfort of the road.

When adults heard the name, they were afraid. They closed the city immediately. Although they turned around Yangzhou, they found Gu Tingyu!

Lin Xiaonian was scared and asked the doctor. The doctor also asked the lady to look for the defender. If he had anything wrong with him, he would realize that he was not afraid of scaring his guardian.

Lin Xiaoniang sends another two scorpions to send Wei Niangzii to the past, when we went to Wei Xiaoniang, where there are three or four except Masters and officials, but they understand each other.

This house is not lost to the palace, and I feel more and more exciting.

The next day, Yangzhou City began a large-scale search and detention, but did not see Gu Tingyi's middle hair. Shortly afterwards, I found Gu Tingxi's body to distinguish for a long time, but there was a token, and he fought under water.

On the death of the White House, Gu Ting took a lace-up garment and his grandparents showed off white grandparents, handing them over to the family.

Baiting preached that the white elder resigned and both sides argued that the two adults should identify the personal letter of Bai Laotai and Gu Tingjun.

Gu Tingzhu continued the letter that the deceased's mother accused of preventative attacks on the family home of Baften. Several people were already removed from the genealogy, and everyone accepted the identity of Gu Tingjun.

Mrs. Sheng and Sheng Sheng, Wei Xiaoniang always wanted to go to the old Ming Lan, but Ming Lan did not want A Niang to go, two were in conflict and Wei Xiaonian was suddenly angry. I was born.

Lin Xiaoniang received news and defeated him. Minglan hurried and turned it over. The midwife was a little worried. He found an excuse to run for a while. Ming Lan personally ran out to find Langzhong.

I was on the way and I met Gu Tingyu guided. After learning the story of Gu Tingyuk, Minglan took a quick horse and went to look for Langzhong.

After a lot of difficulty, I finally asked Langzhong. As a result, no one responded to the Sheng family. Gu Tingyu got rid of the rope and entered the yard. He brought Langzhong Wei to Niangzi.

Lin Xiaonian was amazed. While Xiao Niang's guardian was crying, he was blaming herself in the interior courthouse. Gu Ting was lazy and he explained to him, and the little girl was beaten and Lin Xiaoniang wanted to give up.

Lang Zhong told Wei Xiaonian that Wei Xiaon was killed in his mother's womb. Wei Niang hand-Sheng Minglan took control of Gu Tingzhuo's knee-colored toys and left the painting painted by Sheng Minglan.

Sheng Minglan's tears begin to dry, and A Niang's words are shaking. Wei Niang left the last words of Sheng Minglan, and it was the greatest.

In Sheng Minglan's shout, Wei Xiaoniang is still extinct.

Wei Xiaoniang's family came and Ming Lan was a small sister. Minglan thought to go back. However, Sheng Hao was categorically denied by Ming Lan.

Later, Sheng Sheng went to Beijing and went to Sheng Jia. Gu Tingyu also went to Beijing. Sheng Minglan gave Gu Tingzhu the knee hump, thanking him.

After the ship, everyone left the port and left the boat.

The Sheng family has reached Beijing Jing An Home. After a few days, the school will arrive in Beijing. Sheng Hao did not want Sheng Minglan to read, because he was still young, and now he thinks it's rattling. Mrs. Sheng is very strong, so Minglan needs to go to school.

Some Sheng family girls and young schoolmasters gradually grew up in the sounds of Zhuang Xue's poems.

Finally, finally, it finally grew! It was finally premiered

Are you so mad?

Qi Gonggong's grandparents Qi Heng (our professor has finally appeared!) He loves calligraphy and talks to Sheng Sheng, many of the Sheng family are waiting for the old lady, Ming Lan is hiding in secret and Xiaotao. Qi Heng could not help but did nothing.

Qi Heng heard that Yu Laotai would come back for a while and would like to have dinner, but he did not want to slip around. He wanted to see and see Minglan.

Hahaha, we look at the small expression of the teacher's arrogant, and I think it's very nice.

Qi Heng wanted to change his mind, but his sweaty towel was lost, so he had to go back.

For Qi Heng's idea: This sweat towel is a personal thing, after all, and if you do not have the name to preach, you might not be able to tell in the future. Ming Lan is like thinking.

That's why they talked about them both on foot. I did not expect the voice of Yu Suqin's help when he heard the road around Molan. This sweat towel was in Suqin. Sheng Minglan can see a clue, fearing someone planting it.

Ming Lan did not want to go to Suqin, and two of them were discussed with Sheng Changbai. Who knows when I met Qi Heng when I got back. He has already heard in the past, and Qi Heng said he would keep the captives.

I know how I see here. I mean the teacher's speed is faster. I'm afraid I see Minglan hiding behind me.

Ming Lan always wrote bad words, Zhuang Xue was behind. Ming Lan asked for a copy of the books, which would not benefit many days. Zhuang Xueyan asked to copy salt to the iron theory. After three days, he turned to face. Minglan listened to his face and took a good meal to invite him to spend more.

When he came home, Minglan had a headache to copy the books. Qi Heng had the opportunity to stop himself and he always wanted to get closer. However, Ming Lan always deliberately dismissed him, and he revoked Qi Heng to copy the book.

Qi Heng always took some fruits from Sheng Minglan, Sheng Minglan and Xiao Tao. Qi Heng put fruit and feather in the arms of Ming Lan and quickly left it.

Today, after having grown up with Gu Tingyu (Feng Shaofeng), it has just been awakened for a few seconds. Little understands that you can not come back, but we'll take Minglan away.

Regarding the current argument, Xiaojian still feels very well, acting online, but it will be difficult to say if he is going to make it in the future.

This drama has not been sent before, why do everyone expect so much? Little understand little to stand out.

1. Lin Xiaoniang and Wang Dayi are fighting against each other to emphasize the whole drama and laugh.

The strength of Lin Xiaonian is the interpretation of a "green tea", like all kinds of spoilage.

The play of Lin Xiaoniang, you know, is the expression of the great lady.

Some netizens have sorted their intelligence and intelligence maps and I understand how to share with you. She imitates an image that hates women: when men are charming, they look at men, and they just love women.

When you cry, the man will feel bad and I do not like the woman.

When they louded each other, the big lady sat in her arms, but the heart was in the sky.

When the big Yu Lin was Xiao Niang, Sheng Sheng was troubled and thought: Oh, this woman is really enough. The viewer's opinion: it's wonderful.

The big lady is so hard and she wants to sprinkle a little, but her grandfather feels like a ghost.

When she made big ladies, Sheng Sheng felt she was stupid, but the viewers thought it was doing a good job.

Hahaha, the match between these three people is very dramatic, and laugh at the entire drama. However, it is very important that the woman really genuine, especially the small, wives of three realities, so dominant.

2. Zhao Liying Feng Shaofeng married couples archive cooperation, public pay and in love

This drama is really the first show after getting married. Feng Shaofeng has not yet premiered, especially if it's a sweet one.

Not only the love of the show and the conversation of the outside media, but also their two sweetnesses. A speaker asked if he was attracted to each other. Feng Shaofeng gladly watched and responded to Zhao Liying. It would be more stable.

Uh huh, it's not really seen. In addition to watching two games in love, the dog has even dropped out of play.

I do not know the public interest of both people will bring all the drama, or even a little look.

3. Noon drama well done and the scene is basically restored.

The sun in the sun, everyone must know everything. What are "琅琊 榜", "Pretender", "Parental Love", etc., and many high-scoring works, mostly called "Noon Decoration Team", because each scene has been Rebuilt, the scene of the books is recovered as much as possible .

The composition of the play, the central single, gradually the image of the groups, the symmetrical square and the house, the asphalted image, are deep radiation, with the "Big Bang" image. One withdrawal.

In addition, for the restoration of ancient times, night lights used for shooting were replaced by candles at noon.

This is really amazing. The viewers are not worried, or the crew is no longer concerned.

As a decorative group called Gast, the "pretender" is also built as a villa, the town will build a "large river", and our areas will also change to its species.


It can be said that a wheat plant is a scene that needs to be shot, but the art group is not found in the wheat plants and the youth of young wheat have planted yellowfin. Consequently, the director is not happy and has a master who is experienced and knows how to farm and grow wheat and other wheat plants. While growing, the crossing area will enter the cross.

My Scorpio, I understand what I want to understand, will there be no work you do at noon? In the future, the crew of the crew does not enter into the team, and will create wealth based on that craft.

In addition to the scene restoration, the director also accepts the method of the drama style, when the set of mirrors is finished, it is everywhere true, the actors are full of pressure.

Feng Shaofeng said: "I was with a dragon that was the first time I took the group. We did not know anyone, then it was a special scene. I returned for three days."

Three days … I do not know when the text is remembered as a child. I can finish it. The actor is not easy.

Among them, Liu Wei, Sheng Sheng, was revealed in the press conference: "(Present) They seem to have been beaten, the oldest daughter has not played, the oldest daughter has not come today, the others beat me and we started."

Wang Renjun Sheng Changbai also said: "The family bag is very long", like a golf club, it is made of iron head, it is curved and finally directed to a "home" Bachelor ".

I have a day, it can swell a little duck.

In short, this drama was carefully received before it was broadcast. After the broadcast, it was received all the time. The drama is very well made and the director team has made a great effort.

However, I want to talk in small points. After all, he will go to the drama and it will be more spectacular.

It's hardly understood first of all to give some great points so that everyone can not step on the thunder.

Although theatrical image is particularly elegant, everyone even claims that the book is a scene. But Xiaozhi is reluctant to do it, why does not Zhao Liying give the service group a better idea?

Could bangs wig again fake?

Where he bought the service group, you left, I do not want to kill you.

The story is too slow, so far four episodes have been distributed, the fourth episode of the protagonist has appeared, more than 60 episodes, my Scorpio, depend on one year.

The first three episodes were small and, although I understood the small actors of the play, I saw the interaction between Xiao Minglan and Xiao Gu Tingyi thinking about the hammering wall.

All kinds of heart meditation: still small, yet small, can not be thought of. However, the small movement of this dark poke will really lighten the Cp soul!

Gu Tingyu is really in his youth, apart from being a president of every movement, he always always does.

Xiao Minglan adaptation correctly.

The smallest enunciation is not able to extract itself.

The boy named Xiao Gu Tingwei is called Bian Tianyang, it's just fifteen years old. The top little understands that it is very similar to Jin Xiuxian, but I see that Yi Qian Qian's four-star brother.

Look at that eyebrow, is it a little?

They are often in the corner, who think that two people are quite similar.

Young, it's a good thing, it seems that the future is no limit.

On top of that, Xiao understand here to talk about Xiao Minglan, this girl really Xiao Xiao loves miserable.

Is there still a small moon "Yue Yue Chuan"? Liu Chuxi is the actor.

This year he only has nine years, he does not know how to describe his acting skills.

The expression of disillusionment really exists. Especially the scene of Wei Xiaoniang, the death of Xiao Minglan, the death of the scene, Xiaoxiao was not delayed and began to cry with him.

Many Netizens also said Xiao Minglan's work was very good.

Today, the small actors are so strong and they admire it. At the same time impressed by the long versions of Ming Lan and Gu Tingyu, played by Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng, they will go against the small actresses

After finishing the actress actress, I understand the scriptwriter again. This great IP drama, the screenwriter actually made a pediatric mistake.

Wang Auntie said hospitality is not good, and should remember that small people should be welcomed.

The little girl needs more love.

Make empty (pī) child in embryo[pēi]Child

Although this is just a flaw, but after all, many children watch and watch TV shows. They do not make mistakes to teach children.

Little understands "I do not know" that he has been in flower for a long time, and has begun to promote preheating before. In addition, "Red Mansions New Dream Dream" was the first propaganda.

Everyone thinks that the two parts of the flower are very similar to backgrounds and image sounds.

Little understands that the two titles are cut, but overall style likes it.

That's why many people often think that this drama is a great fire or that it's "a new Red House." However, most netizens believe that the "New Red House" is hitting the street because the reason that the foundry was not selected.

With regard to this drama, the chance of walking on the street is somewhat lower, but the audience can not afford more than 70 episodes to see Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng in the future.

After completing the performance and full drama of actors, I will understand the author of "Knowledge". If the actors are very powerful, but they are, in the end, the responsibility of the author.

How do you say Since I had learned a bit, after studying Weibo's "Sweet Honey" carefully, he also confirmed the Deng Lun's skills, but "the market actor is not behind." .

Why do you say that? Reason to believe that "Deng Lun has only been released for a few years, but there are many male and female partners," and there are not many resources available. Is not it a backdrop? Perhaps this is his inner monologue.

However, there is no criticism in his small handwriting. Instead, he says "worthy of these resources" and "no partisan".

After discussing Deng Lun, Luo Yunxi, the second man, praised the "full line opener", that all types of temperament conversion did not "hurt" and "suddenly."

In the end, the exaggerated authors also commented on the battle between the two sides. He believes that both companies crumble that way "because Luo Yunchi plays the role."

Actually, the author really does not know what a horrible circle of pink. When he learned that "Xiangmi", men, men, both fans and fans, due to drama, were dark and dark. The bones of this festival made this note. Xiaoxiao wanted to admit it.

So, Dun fans and drama puzzles come together, "for their drama-adapted novels," "pull men," "mandatory guidance, and for other reasons."

An author overcame this thousand soldiers, and Weibo and retired.

Originally what is it that is over? No, the author commented on Yang Yang earlier. Initially, Yang Yang said he was discussing the acting capabilities, but Yang Yang Tang Guoqiang believes he is the second, but he is the self-styled. Attracted by Xiao Naek, Yang Yang plays.

Yang Yang was not tall and his body was not good said. It can be said that the face does not face, but the proportion of the body is not good, there is really nothing. Yang Yang said I did a lot of grammar mistakes.

He then talked about Yang Yang's abilities, that he did not make any progress in recent years and did not surprise him with "Surprised."

Hey, I can not help but applaud the author's courage. So I do not know the black crazy pink. When Weibo's author understood it, he already deleted it.

It seems that it is fear of cybercrime. It is impossible to report good or bad will. However, I understand that the author's comments are huge. Evaluation is evaluated and everyone is still acceptable. The tears of the fans must be lived.

Before Xiao Xiao's maid was listening, "I do not know" that the propaganda did not bring Zhu Yilong, the result of Zhu Yilong's unexpected explosion, was one of the main driving force in propaganda. "He asked me," Zhu Yilong is not circulate this time ".

All this drama "Will it go on the street?" They talk about it. After all, the special conditions are excellent. If you go on the street, it's a joke.

Everyone thinks, after reading this drama, he has thoughts and wants to continue?

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