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Real thing The Jiangsu Department of Education informs the professor's moral case – Chinanews


Real thing The paid teachers are severely punished


The Department of Education of the Province of Jiangsu informs the teacher about moral and style violations

Zhang Lin Cai Yunqi

The "Evolutionary Education Ecology" column on this paper constantly informs the problem of heavy burden on student work. Yesterday, educational authorities have new actions! Jiangsu has researched and worked at the service of primary and secondary school teachers to pay off part-time and paid classes. The Department of Education of Jiangsu Province reported yesterday reports of typical cases of research and research in various places, including popular Nanjing, Wuxi and Xuzhou schools.

1. Nanjing city

Lishui District Education Offices manage three teachers paid by the Baima Middle School for compensation and disciplinary action. At the same time, it is clear that this year's three-year evaluation can not be determined as qualified and above all, the remuneration is reduced, the sales of the performance decrease, the title of the honor obtained in the last two years is annulled and regional criticism has been reported. Gulou District Education Officer noted criticisms at a teacher at Jinling Huiwen School (middle school), he wrote a written essay, excluding the teacher's moral assessment, canceled the annual assessment and declared a professional qualification of senior teachers. Post-promotion qualification training.

2. Wuxi city

The Wuxi Municipal Board of Education Commission, the City Council's Office of Education and the Municipal Government Education Inspection Office announced that the teachers' organization in Jiangyin City's primary school institute had offset the illegal incomes that had been demanded and that this year's assessment was damaged and that the annual salary of the year he was honored. Improvements in other performances will be eliminated and the allowance over the next year will be 50%. This year, participation in the assessment and assessment can not be promoted, promoting promotion and promotion of the degree.

3. Xuzhou city

A pre-primary education teacher will direct compensation to the teacher at the Suining County Experimental Primary School, give administrative reminders, 2018 assessment and assessment, to eliminate annual performance and to arrange work from other schools by procedures. The Office of Education in Xinyi has dismissed all three substitute teachers in the training centers of the Tangdian Central Primary School in Xinyi. The Xuzhou Development Zone Educational and Sports Office investigates and pays compensation to students in the Maozhuang Middle School's compensation program, deducting administrative reminders, excluding the annual remuneration performance, and not accepting the first prize and the title within a period of three years.

4. Changzhou City

Hutang District Hutang Experimental Middle School manages teacher participation in paid-in class classes and provides administrative reminders. The amount of refund fees sent by the parent's parents will be returned and the annual assessment qualifications will be canceled.

5. Suzhou City

The Zhangjiagang City Education Bureau studied and directed Zhangjiagang Ivy League Experimental School and administered administrative penalties and administrative reminders. Changshu City Council's Education Officer issued a criminal offense and corporal punishment to a professor at the Changquan Middle School in Changchu City, who was in charge of payment classes and was sentenced to administrative punishment. The City Council of Kunshan, the Board of Education and Employment Committee and the Municipal School of Education were trained and taught at the School of Minjiang School of Experiences, and Xugongqiao, Primary Education lecturer, participated in management and training organizations and undertook disciplinary action.

6. Nantong City

Chongchuan District Education and Sports Officer investigated and led a professor of Primary Education in Guandong, Chongchuan District, and gave birth to internal reports and administrative records, reconsidered fees and returns, and reminded Guoliyan Primary Education Team. Haimen Town Council's Education Officer has been a teacher at the Yucai Primary School and Haimen Yuelai. Thus, at the training center, it has taken part in a part-time school and gave critical insight into the city, a written inspection must be carried out within a period of three years, and there is no significant statement within three years. Promotion of first and second degree professional qualification by removing 40% of payment payments for the year.

7. Lianyungang City

The Guannan County Education Bureau managed a teacher's occupation at a middle school in Guannan County schools and issued an administrative warning. The Head of the District of Claiming Education Officer will manage the compensation of a certain teacher in the neighborhood, at the Primary School of Dangshang Central School, with a lower degree of punishment, and administrative documents will be given. The Donghai County Education Bureau provides teachers with temporary teaching classes at Niushan Street in Donghai County, issuing moral education assessment, returning illegal income and Niushan Street Primary School and Vice Chancellor and primary school. The principal made a talk.

8. Huai city

The Qingjiangp District Commission of the Party Board of Education Committee inspected 5 teachers at Beijing Road Middle School for teaching and receiving English teaching aid and providing administrative and warning warnings. Qinghe Kaiming Middle School of Huai City, based on violating the school's five teacher standards, encouraged English teaching aid in class, and received the benefits fee, and given the party's internal remarks and serious warnings within the party.

9, Yancheng City

The Xiangshui County Education Bureau investigated and treated Xiangshui County primary school teacher, a former primary school teacher and administrative warning from Xiangshui County. A professor and researcher at the Jianhu County Department of Education gave a lecture at Jianhu High School, a lecturer at Shanggang High School in Jianhu County, and Professor of Gaoshu Middle School in Jianhu County (Huiwen Junior High School at Huiwan Campus). Disciplinary action warning.

10. Yangzhou city

Qianjiang District Education Officer Weiyang Middle School (group) investigated and directed the Weiyang Middle School compensation and sentenced to administrative punishment. Yangling Meiling Middle School investigates and punishes a school teacher for compensation, and gives internal warning and administrative notices. The violation of certain teachers by a school in Yangzhou Shuren School has been severely punished in part-time vocational training.

11. Zhenjiang city

He manages the tutorials of the Jiangnan School of Zhenjiang City and writes a written essay to pay the three-month premium performance. It is not allowed to participate in the assessment and assessment for the first three years, and does not allow a higher degree and can not recruit higher qualifications. It will usually not be promoted within two years. The Jurong City Education Office manages the Second Cycle of Jurong City Secondary Education, Jurong City Huayang Middle School, and 5 teachers from Jurong City High School teachers. A written essay must be written, the city will be informed and may participate in the assessment of the degree. , commissions, competitions, regional proposals and revision activities.

12. Taizhou city

The Jingjiang City Council's Education Officer will talk to the Jingjiang Jingjiang Primary Education Institution, and it will give a warning. The three professors of the Tianshui School in Jingjiang City School of Experimental School researched and dismissed partially and partially and issued administrative reminders respectively. Taixing Town Hall's Education Officer investigated and dealt with a paid teacher's remedies paid for a high school city of Taixing, giving priority to transfer and transfer of education.

13. The city of Suqian

The Suqian City Council's Education Office seduced Professor Huachong's Early Childhood Education in Puyang County, and the investigation was abolished and automatically resigned. A criminal offense was passed by a professor of Primary Education in Puyang County, to revoke the introspection, public review, annual evaluation and assessment, and promote professional titles. Professor Suyu Middle School's criminal offrist was released and the balance of the annual accounts was eliminated.

Yangzi Evening News / Yangyan Zhang Reporter Lin Cai Yunqi

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