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Reducing and reducing taxes for healthy business development – News – IC Trade Global Starts Here –


Unlike traditional companies, technology companies have little dependence on natural resources, but demand for capital and technology is horrible. The negotiation of some of the companies surveyed at this time was quite stable, the capital chain risk and capital commitment were small, and the overall crisis of the companies was strong.


There is innovation talent

"We are one of the few companies that have no business commitment". When talking about the company's funds, Liu Danfeng, Director General of Vision Fuentes, told the reporter.

The view source has set a sharp and streamlined account at the initial stage of the venture, first and foremost before paying for shipping and paying for the rest. According to public information, the income of the first three quarters of 2018 was 12.02 million euros and 148 million were only charged. At the same time, the company used the active financing capital market. On October 30, 2017, Vision Source announced that over 942 billion yuan was not convertible to corporate bonds. Subject admitted by CSRC.

The flow of the Livzon Group's flows is also stable. According to the CEO of Tao Desheng, the company's current brochure covers around 6.5 million euros. "Comparatively, private companies continue to make money lending more difficult. We need to be in touch with banks when they are numerous." The company also has to take care of the innovations of biotechnology companies' innovations. "Innovation is not saving money, not shouting slogans. The annual research and development costs of American pharmaceutical companies are over 10 million yuan and it is not always possible to produce a new drug in one year. Some companies will not shout for ten years in global 10 global mottoes Realistic, often, they do not see the results of innovation, they sacrifice themselves. "New" is not the only persecution. " The company's responsibility laughed. "As a business veteran of Guangdong, the company's pragmatic nature, the operation process is quite stable, it becomes a store in the old quarter, needs innovation but innovative in innovative features."

The root of innovation has a talent. This is especially true for high-tech companies. Companies that have visited several times have said that the high-tech industry has talented billing and maintaining talents is one of the main companies.

Wu Zhonglin, president of Tongyu Communications, said the company has several subsidiaries overseas. Positive external talent is an important issue that companies consider today.

Oubit, an electronic aerospace chip, also worried about the brain drain: "The company is a technology-intensive business with a high level of dependence on technical talent in technological areas. Loss of technicians will directly impact on company's competitiveness." Quanzhi Txip, an industry-leading technology company, has also told reporters the ongoing expansion of the company's business, with the company's double task of renewing the existing talent team, and incorporating top-level talents of technical research and development, markets and other companies. Quickly, the demand for talent is a powerful one, which promotes the increase in the compensation of employees, as it puts pressure on the company's profits.


Tax reduction


Optimize the company's technological environment

In recent years, the high-tech industry has supported and promoted national policy policies. It is a developing strategic industry that is backed by key policies. The policy environment is viable for business development.

Likewise, visits made by the company were really beneficial for tax restrictions and restrictions in the country. Oubitus has mentioned that in recent years he has promoted State tax cuts and quotas, and has set a new tax reduction method for "reforming the camp", which has reduced taxes. The effect of the fees reduces the company's tax burden. On September 20, 2018, the State Tax Administration published a "General Progress for the Improvement of Works for Economic and Social Services to Improve Tax Reduction and Reduction Measures." In this way, companies with reduced taxation and reduction of fees will be promoted and business development will be promoted. sense With the support of policies and policies of the State and local governments, the company has had the dividends brought about by "reducing the tax reduction and reducing quota". This has enabled the new project to invest more in the efficient productivity of the high-tech and scientific research and with the help of the company. Each business segment is healthy and rapidly growing.

To reduce the tax burden on high-level manufacturing companies, they have also included policies to protect these "red envelopes" in local areas. For example, Zhuha recently presented "Ten Articles of New Zhuhai Real Economy" and has provided practical support for technology-based companies. If the science and technology companies do not return credit loans in the bank, they will receive a maximum of 2 million yuan in funds of 2 million euros per year. At the same time, convenient services for the optimization of industrial park support services, such as public transport and housing for workers, for industrial parks.

In Quanzhi Technology, Zhuhai said the government and the company have made constant investments in research and development for many years, the company has made great strides in many directions, and technical achievements have landed in the product applications released. In order to enable private companies to invest in R & D and innovation as "investments and investments", they need more support. Companies investing in R & D drive through policies that promote R & D investment, such as tax incentives and project financing. R & D support; On the other hand, protect intellectual property rights and protect R & D investment results.

(Editor: Li Linlin)

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