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Reducing Burden and Difficulties in Private Firms With Great Movements Shenzhen City's "Four Million" Plan Issued – Online Economic Observer – Professional Financial News Website


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Zou Chenhui economic reporter of the online surveyor On December 5, Shenzhen Tongzhou Electronics Co., Ltd. (002052.SZ), called "Tongzhou Electronics" sent a message to the circle of friends. "Heavy! Shenzhen has introduced measures to support private companies, 4 billion plans will reduce the burden of relief."

The Economist Observer Online reporter was informed that Tongzhou's Electronic Office was informed of "Measures to Support Private Development," delivered by Shenzhen City Council's General Office on December 4.

December 5, Shenzhen Huangting International Enterprise Co., Ltd. (000056.SZ, "Huangting International"), an executive said that the Observing Economy Nokron has paid special attention to this news and will continue to be worried about this news.

Reduce the burden and reduce the cost of more than 100 million yuan

"According to several measures to support the development of a more-advanced private economy", Shenzhen will establish a new action plan to optimize the environmental business environment, and businesses will be able to use the state tax policy for private companies and small businesses and micro-businesses.

In particular, as regards the reduction of annual cost reduction for companies, "Measures to combine more with the development of the private economy with greater force" said that central and provincial developments would be implemented to establish zero contribution to the administration. To implement the policy of urban policy to reduce the real cost of the economic economy. The strong performance of electric supply price growth is cleared by end-users to guarantee the zero mark of electricity price. The contribution rate for basic insurance premiums decreases by 1 point and ends in 2019. Unemployment insurance fell from 1.5% to 1%. The employer contribution rate is 0.7%.

Additionally, in accordance with the joint consolidation in the province, reduced labor injury insurance contributions rate. A private company with a loss of one year, with the consent of the workers' congress or union, may require a reduction of the contribution rate of the home supply fund by at least 1% or delaying the housing savings fund. The return of small and micro-enterprise consolidation rates will increase from 60% to 70%. Ensure that city businesses reduce annual cost over 100 million yuan.

Configure 100 million yuan of stable development fund

In order to mitigate the risk of stocks of high-quality company shares, "Measures to assist in the development of a more highly-developed private economy" are worth 10 million yuan in debt and 5 million yuan in equity. Increasing financial support, based on the principle of commercialization, through the sharing of profits, to attract various social funds to participate, 100 million Yuan Shenzhen Fund for the Sustainable Development Fund, to optimize the economic structure and change its direction and have a moving future. Private companies are included in the support field. Commercial guides, such as commercial banks and brokerage companies, for making loans, not easy and relocated.

In addition, for the establishment of the initial forecasts and remote mechanisms of the crisis for private companies, the corresponding departments should be coordinated according to law, in the production and operation of eventual events found by companies. Non-urban conflict and the establishment of emergency coordination and management mechanisms for private urban entrepreneurs, implementation of foreign authority agencies, case studies and archive research, and providing judicial assistance to outlying cities to protect the legal rights and interests of entrepreneurs. Establish a service private service mechanism to address international trade fictions, adapt a system of reports and enforcement coordinating system to external affairs, and implement a compliance management system for private companies.

New credit of more than 100 million yuan

Concerning the financing of private companies, "High-Level Departments of Assistance for Private Development," said the Bank's loan risk scales were scaled up by small and medium-sized businesses at 2 billion yuan and 5 million yuan, up from the limitation of risk compensation loans. The benefits will be small and micro-business owners and individual industrial and commercial homes, and the new bank credit scale will be over 100 million yuan.

Additionally, loans for renewing loans that are subsidized by small and micro-private companies will expire and bank activity evaluation and internal incentive mechanisms will be combined to support the development of the private economy.

Bonds issued over 100 million yuan

In the case of financing private bonding, "One of the measures related to the development of a private economy more efficiently" is to use the private equity financing instruments to support 10 million yuan debt and credit loans for institutional guarantees. Establish a mechanism to share the risks of issuance of corporate bonds and discover new bonds of private companies over 100 million yuan.

In addition, in the main list of private companies, GEM, the Third Third Committee and the science and technology board. Support support to private companies to assist in the foreign list to the public and to supervise foreign direct investment (ODI) audits for companies in foreign charts.

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