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Reduction in China's network acceleration and reduction rate have been greatly accelerated – Communications Operators – cnBeta.COM

Since 2018, the speed and quota of the Chinese network has been reduced rapidly, boosting the growth of information consumption rapidly. The three major operators have learned to do the goal of reducing this year's network.According to the 42nd statistical report on China's Internet Development Situation, since June 2018, 802 million Internet users were 802 million and the Internet access rate was 57.7%.

With fast Internet growth and accelerating the growth of Internet users, China's consumption of information has grown dramatically and the development momentum is accelerating.

In July, China completely abolished the "roaming" fee for traffic, and the speed and fees of the network were reduced. By the end of November, according to the data published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the access rate for fixed broadband in China and the mobile broadband access rate were 85% and 93% respectively. The user access rate was up to 88% and the 4G user access rate was 74%, fixed broadband. The average download rate was 25 megabytes and the average download rate for 4G networks was 21 megabytes.

According to the Head of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in the third quarters China's information consumption scale reached 3.6 trillion yuan. Digitalization and distribution of public services, for example, continued to improve medical care and education. The development of manufacturing and Internet convergence was effective and new forms of manufacturing, customization and personalized service-oriented networking were emerging.

According to data from operators, since November, the average Mobile Unit's average mobile unit price fell by 61% year-on-year and the average unit traffic of vehicles fell by 50%. Fixed-band Fixed Band Fixed Band China Telecom was reduced by more than 40% last year. Average unit prices decreased by more than 65%; Unit Unicom's mobile traffic unit unit decreased by 57.4% at the end of 2017 and home broadband rates fell by 41%.

Telecommunications experts say the acceleration and reduction of network speed have accelerated, the cost of the network application has slowed down and the speed of the network has improved, which has reduced the reduction of the network of restrictions and has provided a wider space for new information technologies, such as large data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence It also offers good conditions for industrial integration and network dividends.

The main responsible for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that it will continue to work on accelerating and reducing networks, strengthening the universal telecommunications service pilot, accelerating the 5G R & D process and accelerating the industrialization of the IPv6 scale and strengthening the quality of development.


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