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Ren Qingwang's first solo release focuses on rock music: Tibetan, single, love, voluntary, five years – People's Network

2019-01-30 4:04:49 Source: People Network

Ren Qingwang's first solo show "Because they love it"

Today, the first version of the song "The Tibetan songs prince" was officially released by Ren Qingwangen single "Because I Love You". The vibrant atmosphere of the song is the voice of the powerful force of Renqing Wangdui, with a deep love. Renqing Wangdui, a Tibetan singer who won the "Chinese Talent Show" in Tibet, for the first time created a variety of popular, Tibetan and beautiful voices, showing a great deal of understanding and profound music. This single-voided combination shows the benefit of sound benefit. Netizens "deep feelings are not exaggerated, the power is not arrogant."

Renqing Wangdui's first expansion process

As a young singer of different personalities, renowned Tibetan singer Renqing Wangdui inherits great voice conditions for Tibetan singers, but also learns about different genres and a vocal college vocal. It's easy to use. It is understood that Ren Qingwang's childhood experience is not as smooth as imitation to everyone, though somewhat curious: Renqingwangdui is still not a common child for five or six years, so that relatives and friends will accept it. It was originally a language disorder, but her mother never stopped looking for medical treatment. At the age of seven, Ren Qingwang began to speak miraculously and began to touch music. At nine she was amazed by the sound of the song. Residents of the neighborhood gradually renounce Renqingwangduo's songs. Local celebrities are very popular and are invited to participate in singing activities, giving voice to 30,000 and 40,000 people. When locals call it "heavenly voice".

Wangdui's singing process Renqing brings together many classic and popular, national and world-wide styles and can hold many musical styles. There is also a clear position for the future musical style: the Tibetan must be a Tibetan character. Rock singer diverse and brilliant. Renqingwangdui, "young people in the cloud", for its purity and warmth, is also a powerful explosive music. "It can have employment and retirement, relaxation and a future title."

A new generation of "Five-Year-Sword Grinding" for creating a rock masterpiece, "I Love You", pioneer

Today, Renqing Wangdui released the first single "I Love You". It can be used to watch a music attempt: "I Love You" is based on a great sound-rock style and it's for you. Love of long-lasting love, tone of the singing of enthusiasm and tranquility, Renqingwang made a full voice, after overcoming explosive power, heroic and profound emotions, showing music with a smart and pure attraction. The integration of popular, Tibetan and vocal voices was completed for the first time in Renqing Wangdui songs, showing the experimental and pioneering nature of his works.

The song "Because I Love You" by Ren Qingwang was created by the young composer Zhu Zhengfang. Zhu Zhengfang was a warm and pure Qingwangdui band. They shot both and their hands met. The creative process is beautiful and hard: the musical results are pleasant, but at the same time the suffering of illnesses has become an alchemist of unexpectedly brilliant works. After discovering the story of Renqing Wangdui, they created many gold medals in the music industry, produced the first quality of the work and the Renqing EP. This five-year-old album will be released soon.

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