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(Original title: rent tax, owner: you must remove it, I will increase rent!)

"The landlord, my income is subject to tax".

"If I remove the tax, I will rent it".

In 2019, the implementation of the new tax law, housing income and other six expense taxes will be deducted, that is to reduce the burden on neighbors, but they were expected but the game of owners, tenants and brokers was launched, as well as concerns about rising wages.

Data Map: The Public Registry provides information on the collection of basic information to receive personal information about personal information.

Renters increase the rent by threatening tax deductibles

According to the new regulation, Xiao Zhang, who rent a house in Beijing, can deduct 1,500 yuan before tax. When the unit issues a special tax deductive information, monthly income can increase the amount of money and is ready to fill in the form.

Depending on the form of the information, you must enjoy a special deduction of your rental property. You must fill in the occupation of the main town, address of rent, renter's name, ID and type of card, or the name of the renter and the taxpayer identification number (social unit credit code). Information like start and end of rent.

But after acquaintance with the landlady, Xiao Zhang dropped a cold water. "If you declare the rent deduction, the tax office asked me to collect tax, I will raise the money, rent the price without tax".

Xiao Zhang's experience is not the case. Many rewards were reflected on the citizens' demand for information about their identity, but they were rejected. The owner was advised not to give a tax deduction to pay taxes after submitting the information. Calcium requires to see the tenant.

On the one hand, taxes can be removed by hundreds of blocks. On the other hand, the rent will rise a few hundred. Commitment is that many tenants are forced to deduct the cost of rent so that the landlord will not deceive you. State taxable repairable wallet.

Data Map.

For hire-free renters, they want to enjoy the tax deductible of rent and have suffered some bicycles.

On January 4, the media reported that the rent tax deduction can be requested by deduction of tax without the "organization" and "individual owner". The reason for the owner's management is the third, not the rent. party

According to the analysis, it can play a role that avoids taxation. "This can save a lot of tax expense, with a million annual income of more than one million thousand rubles".

However, on the 4th of January afternoon, the special reduction of tax rent can be considered as an "organization" and must comply with the company's information. Customer service has said that in order to make the rent of the property deductible is wholly smooth, the company may choose the corresponding company according to the contract signed by the signed contract.

A freelancers complained: "Originally, the contractor hired the contractor, and that's why Butler said that the homeowner was required to complete it, it took a long time to change homeowners, the result was changed to freedom, can they change? Do you have a tenant?"

Data Map: Beijing Dongcheng District Joint Tax Service Hall.

Are the concerns of land owners really true?

Special deductions from rent, one with a tenant, one real estate and perhaps a real estate agent.

For the tenants, the greatest concern is how much money can be saved to save it. For homeowners, the most important concern is that the information given by the tenant will be a responsible person over the landlord tax.

"The landlord worries about issues of monitoring taxes and charges, so it is a question of cooperating with the tenants for the deduction." Yan Yuejin Yiju Research Center Research Director.

Zhang Bo, 58, chief analyst at the Housing Research Institute, said, first of all, according to current tax law, the income from the landlord must pay a tax according to real estate income. There is absolutely no need of rent or not. Duty to help the tenant to complete the deduction of income tax, the tax collection tax office is not reasonable or legal.

Xie Yifeng, the Dean of the Chinese People's Real Estate Research Institute, has said that housing tax deductions are deductible. It is true that many landlords offset the concerns about income tax and rate recovery. The tax and the loss of the rates is equivalent to rent. In this way, the tenant will increase life and economic pressure.

Wang Weiqing, the academic and director member of the Chinese International Fiscal Research Association, has said that if the deduction of rent is reduced, new standards require income tax and other retention of research, they do not properly take fiscal invoices and payment records. Merchandise makes it easier for a tenant to facilitate the deduction of income, but many landlords allow them to increase their income. These behaviors make it possible to request their rights under the terms of the claim contract or directly notify the tax authorities.

Tax information map.

Is the rental tax really high?

Many homeowners have frightened large numbers of tax deductions mentioned in articles, and even less to declare deductions for rental housing to cooperate with tenants.

In an recently proven article, the plot calculated an account: You use my information to declare a tax deduction. After a few days, the tax department will notify the bill and pay the bill tax. You need to pay 360 yuan (total rent of 3,000 yuan 12%), VAT and additional taxes will not be counted! You can store up to 100 yuan for special deductions for rent in homes. I need to charge at least 500 yuan.

So, personal rental housing is really very high? Do you have to pay taxes?

Zhang Bo has to pay particular homes, value added tax, real estate tax, personal income, urban maintenance and construction tax and educational surcharge. In general, the tax department establishes a full tax rate for simplifying the calculation. Differences between provinces, cities and regions are large, and some provinces and cities have a fiscal syndrome, since the rent rate is 4%.

Wang Weiqing said in many areas that private rental apartments have only a lower tax rate due to lease taxes. For example, Beijing and Shanghai generally receive 5% of global income tax rate.

That is, if a landlord rent a Beijing house, the monthly income is 3,000 yuan. According to the tax rate of 5% of the syndrome, the real tax payment is only 150 yuan, and the tax payment is calculated according to the article.

The rental deduction can be up to 675 yuan per month.

In accordance with the different rental cities, the standard rent deduction of the property is 1500 yuan, 1100 yuan, and is a third gear of 800 yuan. If it is a municipality, the capital of the province (city), a separate city, and other cities identified by the State Council will be deducted by a total of 1,500 yuan per month.

In addition to the upper city, the registered population of over 1 million people in the city jurisdiction will be deducted from 1100 yuan per month, with a population of more than 1 million people in the city, deducting it from 800 yuan per month.

Monthly income tax

For example, the Beijing house costs 3,000 yuan. After three years of insurance and three years of gold, the three-month salary is 10,000 yuan. The tax limit of 5,000 yuan is not a special deduction, and a monthly tax is required (10000-5000). ) × 10% – rapid deduction 210 yuan = 290 yuan.

After enjoying 1,500 yuan of income, the monthly tax (10000-5000-1500) will be reduced to 10% (210 yuan-minus fast deductions = 140 yuan), rose 150 yuan per month.

After a monthly fee, if you rent a house in Beishang Guangshen, you can have a deduction of 1,500 yuan, you can store at least 45 yuan per month and save it at 675 yuan. That is, the higher the wage, the more the reduction of the rent will reduce the tax.

Data Map. Image source: Visual China

How to let tenants enjoy a rental deduction?

Yan Yuejin continues its follow-up recommendations to respond to these issues. If the house does not include taxes and fees for co-operation with the current supervisors, tax authorities need more efficient methods, that is, to facilitate the process. At the same time, the lease of the institutional development of the subsequent wages market will be increased. This is a shame that can not be avoided by the soil co-operative.

Zhang Bo thinks China is supervising the rental of personal housing, and it is more difficult to check the rental rates of private leases. For this reason, a lot of rental housing has been paid to pay taxes and fees. Establishment and improvement of the tax payment system for payment.

Zhang Dawei, the chief analyst at Zhongyuan real estate, allegedly in the past, many landlords have reported tax and tax developments. In the long run, rented homes will pay taxes.

Yang Hongxu, Deputy Chief of the Yiju Research Institute, said that personal landlords in China do not have tax habits and do not register leases. It is a historical reason. Renting a home decays a tax to make the tenant enjoy. From this perspective, it is advisable for the corresponding departments to have a temporary transition.

He also suggested that it be considered that it is linked to the tax laws of real estate. For example, when individual households rent a house and do not pay or pay taxes, they can give less attention to the discourse and give them some priority measures to promote them. The territory wants to present a rental contract, but the progress process is very slow.

Have you made a tax deduction?

Is the territory cooperating?

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